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The Evil Within Is The Survival Horror Game We’ve Been Waiting For

Big budget survival horror has been on the decline these past few years with Resident Evil outright ditching the survival and the horror with its latest incarnation. The original creator of the series – Shinji Mikami – wants to change that with The Evil Within. The game has definitely shown promise in this regard, but the latest trailer for the …

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‘The Evil Within’ Launches on August 26

Though the indie market has propped up the survival horror genre in recent years, large publishers have all but abandoned scares in favor of action. Survival horror will get another shot at the mainstream this year, though, through Bethesda’s The Evil Within. Bethesda today announced that The Evil Within will hit stores in North America on August 26 (August 29 …

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New ‘Evil Within’ Gameplay Video Shows ‘Resident Evil’-Like Atmosphere

When Resident Evil 4 debuted, it changed the survival horror genre for years. Though the game received fantastic reviews, fans of the old-school Resident Evil and Silent Hill games were greeted with a more action-oriented experience and the introduction of numerous quicktime-event cutscenes – traits that would only intensify in further sequels. Though much of the game was creepy, it …

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New Trailer For ‘The Evil Within’ Looks Crazy, Disappears Quickly

The fact that Shinji Mikami, who created the Resident Evil series, is making a brand new horror survival game is, of course, worth any gamer’s attention. Hence the collective geek scream of joy that was overheard when The Evil Within was announced. While it isn’t scheduled for release until next year (2014), the delay only gives the anticipation more time …

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Bethesda’s Mystery Game Is The Evil Within

For the past week, Bethesda has been teasing a new game announcement on Twitter. Some fans speculated that it was Fallout 4, but their hopes were dashed when Bethesda said it was something else entirely. That something else has turned out to be the new horror title from Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami. IGN revealed this morning that Besthesda and …

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