Dinni Jain Joins Time Warner Cable As Its New COO

Dinni Jain Joins Time Warner Cable As Its New COO

By Zach Walton December 5, 2013

In 2011, Time Warner Cable acquired Insight Communications – a telecom that served communities in Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio. Now the former president and COO of Insight is taking on a bigger role within Time Warner Cable. Time Warner Cable …

In TechCrunch 40’s Hallway

I never even got into see a presentation. The hallway was too good. Here’s my photos.

Cringely Details Why Your Broadband Stinks

The $200 billion boondoggle that was meant to deliver high speed digital services to the home by the year 2000 instead left America running to stand still in the world of broadband delivery.

Yahoo!Xtra Bubble Doesn’t Blow
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“Yahoo!Xtra Bubble” – sounds like a kind of gum, doesn’t it?  But it’s actually a new service that should soon become available to customers of Telecom New Zealand, and it’ll “offer a suite of premium services accessed through a personalised homepage – all at no extra cost.”

Google May Make Deal With South Korean Telecom

Google’s had some success in South Korea, yet the search engine giant has also had to make a number of adjustments and compromises.  Now its tenacity may be paying off; reports indicate that South Korea’s biggest mobile phone operator may employ Google’s search-based advertising throughout its network.

US Broadband Penetration Just Stinks

The United States has 58.1 million broadband (256 kbps or better) in December 2006, but at 19.6 subscribers per 100 inhabitants, America is just average at getting broadband to the people.

US Broadband Penetration Just Stinks
US Broadband Penetration Just Stinks
US Broadband Penetration Just Stinks
UK Telecom Comes Down Against Traffic Shaping

It’s often considered lazy writing to start a piece with a quote, but I think that, in this case, it might be necessary. 

Wikipedia calls traffic shaping “an attempt to control computer network traffic in order to optimize or guarantee performance, low latency, and/or bandwidth.” 

And now that you know that, know this: a major British telecom does not favor traffic shaping.

MySQL Gets Telecom-Specific

Due to demand, MySQL AB announced the expansion of its telecom-specific services and consulting for MySQL software. Specifically, the company is promoting its MySQL Cluster, a high-end version of the standard database designed for fault-tolerant, mission-critical network and telecommunications applications at carrier-grade.

Future of Credit Cards and Anti-wifi Laws

Phillip Torrone writes about the future of credit cards. Oh, I so want one. Patrick and I were having lunch with Tara Hunt, Rachel Clarke, Ernie Svenson Adriana Linares (lawyer tech expert), and Chris Messina. Patrick leans over and says “can I have more money?”

Google Still Enjoying a Free Lunch?

Can someone please tell the telecom companies to stop moaning that Google is enjoying a “free lunch”.

Telecom Trends and Predictions

My how our dictionary has changed. Podcast, Skype, Wikipedia, Googlebot and WiMax were all regularly used terms during 2005.

China Telecom Cracks Down on VoIP
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China Telecom, the country’s biggest telecommunications operator is trying to put a stop to VoIP use in the country as long-distance revenues fall.

Italian Internet Television

Telecom Italia announced their leap into the Internet television business starting massive trials in Rome, Milan, Bologna and Palermo. They look to roll out services in 21 cities by the fall and say over 4 million households will have access to a wide variety of programming.

India Telecom Systems Fastest Growing In World

The Indian Telecommunications industry will benefit from favorable government policies and rulings.

Bush Mixes Politics And Telecom Standards

Bad news for Kerry supporters in the telecom field: they won’t be allowed to come play at The Inter-American Telecommunication Commission.

Yahoo Korea Selects FLAG Telecom to Provide Trans-continental Connectivity

Dedicated High Quality Circuits Provide Pinpoint Customer Authentication and High Speed Access to International Content.