Techmeme Adds a Jobs Box

Techmeme Adds a Jobs Box

By Josh Wolford April 28, 2011

Tech news aggregation site Techmeme has added a section that promotes jobs within the tech industry. On the right hand side, you will notice a new box titled “Who’s Hiring In Tech?” Below, many big name companies have already signed …

New Site For AOL & Job Listings On TechMeme?
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This afternoon it was a little surreal to see a job posting appear among the headlines at TechMeme. Just last week, BusinessWire seemed pretty jazzed about getting press releases to show up there. But really? A job posting?

Fun With TechMeme Numbers

Last week, I posted an opinion piece about TechCrunch’s prominence on TechMeme. There wasn’t a lot of response—if that tells you anything about what my opinion’s worth—but there was a point brought out in the comments section of that post, and a blog post elsewhere echoing. So that’s good enough for me to do a follow-up and extend on a point.

Why Not Rename To TechCrunchMeme?

Ready, set, bloviate. So, at the top of TechMeme’s Leaderboard, which ranks the publications according to their presence on the aggregation site, it shows TechCrunch as the go-to blog for all things tech or, assumedly, tech-business related.

Lord Of The Blogs – The Battle For Attention
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In the nearly three years this writer has been diligently typing away, we witnessed cute and compelling blogs grow into the kind of pre-pubescent youth who rationalize violence as a way of dominating their little island.

Changing Search Results with Google Experimental

Some users are reportedly seeing a new experiment in Google Experimental: the ability to re-order and even hide specific items in web search results.

The Social Media Playbook

Muhammad Saleem has written a great introductory guide on how to approach social media.

Wrong Techcrunch Reaction On Paid Links?

I think this is one possibly for the water cooler on Sphinn, because I find it comical in a sad kind of way.

Ted Murphy rightly questions Google quite openly to explain why PPP bloggers are being punished for not using nofollow on links, yet many prominent bloggers post quite blatant pagerank passing links to their advertisers every chance they get.

AP Is Dead … Killed By Blogs & Aggregation

Old media is epitomized by no news source more than the Associated Press. Literally thousands of journalists are employed around the world to bring current event coverage to readers of thousands of newspapers and their online sites.

Blogging Profitability

Business blogging is a powerful way for a company to dialogue with its clients. If anything, it is likely that the movers and shakers among the clients are the ones most likely to take part in such dialogues. Thus a business blog is an essential part of a company’s Internet marketing program. Its effects can have a sizable effect on the bottom line.

Is Tech Blogging Broken?

Ah the A List under question again, and the importance of Techmeme in relationship to where people find news, and then blog about what is happening in the news. While techmeme is not the only source, it is quickly becoming the authoritative source of information for people who read and write techblogs. So there is no surprise that clever marketing people have figured out how to game the system.

Anti-Gaming TechMeme – New PR Trend?

I’ve noticed that PR types are getting very astute with dealing with bloggers lately and getting their wares discussed on TechMeme.

Who’s Really Leading Techmeme?

Anyone who’s followed Techmeme knows TechCrunch and Michael Arrington should be at the top of any list of authors and story sources for the blog aggregating site. Vik Singh thought it would be interesting to make those lists.

The Techmeme Pile-on – Good or Bad?

Tim O’Reilly has a great post up on O’Reilly Radar, in which he talks about what might be called (although he doesn’t use the term) the “stupidity of crowds.” Using the meltdown in quantitative hedge funds, Facebook apps and Techmeme.com as examples, he talks about how too many people chasing the same idea causes a decline in the value of that idea. As he puts it:

Google Reader Gives Up Its Numbers

Another tidbit of information about feeds on Google Reader emerged, showing how easy it is to find out how many Reader users have subscribed to a particular feed.

TechMeme: It’s Not the Size of the Audience…

This isn’t a discussion that will necessarily have a neat conclusion – that’s sort of the nature of debate. But A-list bloggers dogpiled on the value, or lack there of, of headlining on TechMeme, and branched out to a more robust discussion about the value of quality (lesser, niche) traffic over the pounding servers get when headlining elsewhere.

Content Commodities

Steven Hodson is so bored with blogging that he wrote a blog all about it. Heh. I feel Steven’s pain. Instead of blogging about it I just hung out all weekend with my sons and a raft of great bloggers. You’d know that already if you read Twitter (the other way to spend time when you’re bored with blogging).