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Millennials Are Willing to Barter Their Privacy, Shows Study

A new study shows that the current debate about online privacy may wane as those who grew up online begin to take over. The survey, conducted at the University of Southern Calfornia (USC), shows that members of the Millennial generation hold very different conceptions of privacy compared to their parents and grandparents. Millennials, defined as those aged 18-34, were found …

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Verizon Will Give You A Coupon If You Let Them Sell Your Data To Advertisers

Have you heard of Verizon Selects? It’s a new data collecting initiative from the carrier’s Precision Marketing portfolio that seeks to collect consumer info for targeted ads. It’s completely optional, but Verizon knows exactly what will make consumers give up their personal info – a coupon. Verizon will begin sending messages out to its customers this week asking them to …

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Facebook Exchange Will Bring Targeted, Real-Time Ads For That Car You Almost Bought

Facebook is about to launch a new advertising program called Facebook Exchange, which could not only be a massively profitable venture for the company, but according to them, could improve the relevancy of the ads that you and I see on a daily basis. The premise of Facebook Exchange is pretty simple: When you visit a site (other than Facebook) …

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Google Patents Background Noise: No Privacy!

High-tech device users beware! Google has just patented the technology to filter sound, humidity, temperature, and various other factors from sensors on our devices to analyze and send us more relevant advertising. Google says it will respect our privacy with the new technology, but I think we should evaluate what is truly implied with these patents. Number one, this confirms …

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Valentine’s Day Is Good For Online Businesses

Ah, Valentine’s Day – the day where we spend money on those we love the most. It turns out that we’re spending more and more on the ones we love which translates into big bucks for the businesses that promote the holiday. Today’s infographic, not to be confused with Saturday’s other Valentine’s Day themed infographic, comes from Monetate. They remind …

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Privacy Issues Holding Back Online Behavioral Advertising

More and more marketers are shying away from online behavioral advertising (OBA) over concerns about consumers’ privacy, according to new report by the Ponemon Institute.

The report, "Economic Impact of Privacy on Online Behavioral Advertising," found 70 percent of companies agreed behaviorally targeted advertising significantly increased marketing and sales performance, but most have limited their online ad budgets over privacy concerns.

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