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UFC Takedown Notices Include Lots of Porn

Make no mistake about it: UFC President Dana White absolutely hates it when people stream UFC fights on the Internet. So much so, in fact, he has been incredibly outspoken about making such an act a felony. With that in mind, it stands to reason the UFC has no hesitation about issuing DMCA takedown notices to Google on a regular …

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Microsoft Legitimizes Xbox 720 Leak With Takedown Notices

When a 56-page document that appears to be Microsoft’s plans for its next-generation Xbox console was leaked online last week, many gamers immediately called it a fake. Titled “IEB (Interactive Entertainment Business) Roadmap,” the document also described an updated Kinect and the Kinect Glasses – an augmented-reality headset for the Xbox. Some readers questioned the formatting of the document, while …

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Hey Facebook, Fix Your Takedown Notice Practices!

It seems like Facebook can’t catch a break lately. Between legal issues from accused spammer David Fagin and minor Justin Nastro, the search network is also catching a bit of flack after it took down pages of some popular tech sites. Ars Technica and Redmond Pie were among the Facebook pages taken down based on copyright infringement claims.

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