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Google Chrome Will Save Your Tabs Google Chrome Will Save Your Tabs

Chrome and Firefox have been at war for quite some time with the two browsers both owning about 20 percent of the browser market share. Both browsers feature a sync option that allows users to save their history, bookmarks, add-ons, …

Adobe LeanPrint Software Promises Quality Adobe LeanPrint Software Promises Quality

Yesterday Adobe announced a new printing solution that will give consumers enterprise quality printing capability with the addition of nothing but a software upgrade. Adobe claims there system is environmentally friendly and could save consumers as much as 40% on …

Facebook Gets A Face Lift

Facebook has recently revamped the layout of its user profiles, introducing a ‘tabbed’ interface to navigate through your own or your friends profiles:


The advantage of a tabbed interface is that you’ll gain more screen real estate and your content should be categorized more efficiently.

Although having used the original single page layout, I prefer the old format: