Watson-Powered Toy Uses IBM Supercomputer to Develop Relationship with Your Kid

Watson-Powered Toy Uses IBM Supercomputer to Develop Relationship with Your Kid

By Josh Wolford February 18, 2015

We’ve come a long way from Barbie. If you’re looking for an interactive toy that can talk with your kid, tell knock-knock jokes, and help them learn by getting to know their specific needs – there’s a Kickstarter campaign for …

Yahoo Queries The Obscure

Search queries that engines like Yahoo’s rarely see can be problematic for the technology, and frustrating for the searcher who doesn’t receive a relevant response.

Yahoo, Carnegie Mellon Switch On Supercomputer

The M45 supercomputer provided by Yahoo opened its ports to its partners at Carnegie Mellon University, where the initiative should help boost research that benefits the broader Internet community.

Creative Discovery Comes To Search

It’s probably entirely appropriate that if a supercomputer is going to be set up to strive for creative answers to tough questions, that hardware will consist of Apple Xserve G5s.

Its How Many Flops? Japan Begins Supercomputer Development

According to the Kyodo News, Japan is working on a computer that runs faster than Tom Cruise from reality. In fact, it’ll be 73 times faster than the world’s current speed demon, IBM’s American Blue Gene/L, or so says a very confident group of Japanese scientists.

Defense Department Buying HP Supercomputer
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Weapons design and other projects have been slated for the 1,024 node Linux-based cluster.

IBM, Linux Prominent On Supercomputer List

The BlueGene/L supercomputer at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory placed first for the second consecutive year.

IBM Splices New Supercomputer From Blue Gene

Dubbed the Watson Blue Gene (BGW) system, the most powerful privately owned supercomputer debuted in New York State today.

IBM Supercomputer Beats Own Speed Record

IBM’s Blue Gene supercomputer, while running benchmark software, beat its own speed record by performing 183.5 trillion calculations (183.5 teraflops) every second. The previous record was 92 teraflops per second and was established 6 months ago.

IBM Supercomputer Heads to UT

IBM’s (Quote, Company Info) growth spurt in the market for supercomputers got a boost Friday when the company announced the sale of one of its new p655 Unix servers to the University of Texas at Austin (UT) to help scientists develop environmentally-friendly oil drilling techniques.