Scientist Warns of Possible Space Weather Disasters

Scientist Warns of Possible Space Weather Disasters

By Sean Patterson December 10, 2013 | 3 Comments

For the past few months the sun has been blasting out a series of massive solar flares. The behavior is in line with predictions for the current solar maximum – a period every 11 years when greater solar activity can …

NASA Shows Off Its 4K Sun Images NASA Shows Off Its 4K Sun Images

There’s a cost associated with being an early adopter, and it’s not just the higher prices. New media formats consistently outpace the rate at which content creators can adapt to the new formats. As a result, early adopters pay exorbitant …

Solar Eruption Rang in the New Year [VIDEO] Solar Eruption Rang in the New Year [VIDEO]

While people across the world were celebrating or preparing to celebrate the arrival of the year 2013, the sun was putting on a New Year’s show of its own. On December 31, a massive solar eruption twisted up from the …

Close Star Could Have up to Five Planets Close Star Could Have up to Five Planets


A new study by an international team of scientists has discovered that the star Tau Ceti may have five planets orbiting it. Tau Ceti is the 20th closest star to the sun, and the nearest star to have sun-like properties. …

Massive Solar Eruption Spotted by NASA Observatory Massive Solar Eruption Spotted by NASA Observatory

NASA announced this week that a coronal mass ejection (CME) erupted on the sun early Tuesday morning. The phenomenon can send solar particles flying into space, some of which can affect electronic systems in satellites orbiting Earth. The particles can …

UFO By The Sun Gets More Proof It's Real UFO By The Sun Gets More Proof It's Real


Two weeks ago I reported on a story about the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) spotting a possible UFO next to the Sun. NASA, as usual, blamed it on some smudge, or left over cosmic rays that leave a streak …

Deathstar-Like Object Discovered Near Sun Deathstar-Like Object Discovered Near Sun


A NASA video showing a mysterious black spherical object hovering near the sun has set off a firestorm of web speculation this week, prompting guesses as to how it was formed and where it came from. Of course, the resemblance …

Solar Storm 2012 Not So Bad: No Outages Yet Reported Solar Storm 2012 Not So Bad: No Outages Yet Reported


We warned you yesterday of a coming solar storm, one of the largest to hit Earth in several years. Some forecasters predicted that the storm–about 10 times more powerful than the solar winds that usually reach us–could cause power outages …

Sun Covering Up its Page 3 Girls for Apple?
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Yesterday, the Sun’s iPad app made headlines because it was reportedly somehow able to sneak nudity past Apple’s app approval process, which is notoriously strict (even with cartoon nudity).

Oracle’s Sun Microsystems Acquisition Approved by EU
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Update: The European Commission has reportedly approved Oracle’s acquisition of Sun Microsystems. Now the deal only needs approval from Chinese and Russian regulators.

Original Article:
Oracle is acquiring Sun Microsystems for $7.4 billion in cash at a rate of $9.50 per share in cash.

Sun Losing $100 Million a Month as Oracle Waits

Sun Microsystems is losing about $100 million a month according to Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle, the company that’s set to acquire Sun. Oracle is waiting to get clearance from European regulators before the deal can go through and Oracle can step in and try to put an end to this loss.

How Many Sites Are On the Internet?
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If there is any accuracy to data released by Netcraft, then the Internet has about 182,226,259 sites.  That’s 948,000 more than a month ago.

Netcraft looks at the number of sites hosted on the different top servers. The following graph represents market share for top servers across all domains from August 1995 to October 2008:

MySQL To Remain Open Source

MySQL created a bit of an uproar when it seemed ready to close sourcing portions of the MySQL server.  Now, in what’s a nod to the power of crowds in more than one way, the decision has been reversed.

Sun Reveals JavaOne Schedule, University Tracks

It’s almost time to get in touch with one’s inner Java geek, and others, at JavaOne in San Francisco, May 6-9.

Oracle’s Hand In Sun’s MySQL Buy
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Tech industry pundit John Dvorak thinks Larry Ellison had a shadowy hand in the billion dollar deal that brought MySQL to Sun.

MySQL Not Big Enough to Offer Enterprise Support?

Jonathan has a nice post with additional explanations on the MySQL deal, seeing as one or two folks have questioned it.

Software Industry Continues to Consolidate

As Zack reported, Sun is buying MySQL for ~$800M plus $200M in options. Interestingly, the MySQL acquisition represents 8% of Sun’s current market cap (~$13 Bil). While I’m happy for the MySQL team, my views on Sun’s OSS “strategy” are mixed at best.