Google Adds to Google Maps Suggest Feature

Google Adds to Google Maps Suggest Feature

By Chris Crum April 22, 2010 | 1 Comment

Google recently launched Suggest for Google Maps in several countries, and has now expanded the availability of the feature to ten more domains. The feature has also gotten some improvements.

Yahoo! Product Suggestions

I’ve taken some time over the last few weeks to pay attention to different Yahoo! services. In addition to being an employee I’m a huge Y! service lover, from Upcoming to Del.icio.us, from Music to Widgets, they’ve really built/bought some great products.

I thought it would be fun to walk through a few of their products and give them my ‘How I’d Improve This Product’ dealio, so here goes.

1. Mail

Google Now Makes Suggestions In Many Languages

It’s always nice to see Google release its products and services in non-English languages; although these launches don’t do me much good, things feel less “America-centric” as a result.  Now Google’s being extra helpful by giving search suggestions in other languages.

How Yahoo Search Assistant Changes SEO

On Tuesday Yahoo became the last of the four major search engines to offer blended search. Last, but definitely not least as Yahoo’s Search Assist may just be the killer app to get some switching back from Google. Search Assist also has the potential for changing a few things when it comes to optimizing for Yahoo as people begin to unknowingly build more advanced queries.

Google Looks For URL Suggestions In Search Result!
In a recent thread at WebmasterWorld, some members have reported that Google is asking searchers to suggest some URLs for specific searches. "Help improve search for everyone" is how Google is asking for suggestions. Google asks the users to

Click a link to submit a link. The link open a form where you need to login.

Got Landing Pages? Yahoo’s Got Suggestions

Michael Mattis has nine hints about landing page optimization that should make the lives of site publishers a little easier.

Matt Cutts Surveys The Webmaster Crowd

Google’s Webmaster Central team is open to suggestions on what webmasters want to see in their management consoles.

Google Gears: Where’s The Sync?

A little probing into offline application-enabler Google Gears finds that the prospective Gears developer could be in for a little code-shock.

Yahoo Wants Your Feedback

Yahoo wants you… to give them feedback about the Yahoo Toolbar.

Yahoo Silences Unwanted Suggestions
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Last week, Yahoo launched a new “Suggestions” feature that incorporates Digg-like community voting elements. Instead of news items, however, users sample the suggestions that have been submitted regarding Yahoo’s services and vote on which ones they would like to see implemented the most.

Yahoo And Suggestions Tango

The Yahoos call it the Tango Project, while Yahoo’s users see it in the form of Suggestion Boards seen on a number of their services.

HitTail suggestions – Rails Ajax Radio

In the last few days, I have been using HitTail to make capture my search referrals.

Principles for SEO Success

There was a great post by Andy Beal about Five Secret Strategies to Add $1M in Revenue to your Interactive Marketing Agency in 2007.

Building Server Side AJAX Suggestions with script.aculo.us
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I’m a big fan of the script.aculo.us javascript library.

Have You Read A British Blog Today?

There are plenty of readable choices in the blogosphere created by our compatriots across the Atlantic. Crafting a top ten list of them, as with most subjective ideas, yielded a couple of different approaches.

Wiring the Wiki

The Wired Wiki project is really coming along. The main article has over 100 edits from a diverse group, there are lots of headline suggestions and sanding of the deck.

Speedo Shows What Podcasting Can Do For Marketing

For a good example of how an organization listens to informal feedback to help them quickly understand the potential benefits of a new-media tool like podcasting, take a look at what swimwear brand Speedo is now doing.