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Tori Kelly: I’m Not An Overnight Success; I Worked Hard

Tori Kelly may seem like an overnight sensation, but that’s not how she sees it. “It doesn’t feel like anything happened overnight for me,” Tori Kelly told People recently. “It just feels like it’s an uphill journey.” The singer explains her view of her story, saying, “I could go back to when I put out my very first EP, and …

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Dolly Parton Says Success Is Hard Work

Dolly Parton is one of the most successful women of all time. Not only is she a country music legend, she has had her fair share of time on the small and big screens. While Parton is the epitome of success, getting there hasn’t always been easy. It has only been through her hard work and dedication that Dolly has …

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Mark Zuckerberg Buys 4 New Homes For More Privacy

Mark Zuckerberg is worried about privacy, and as a result he decided to buy four houses that were owned by neighbors of his. He bought four houses near his home in Palo Alto, California that were not even on the market, offering absurdly high prices to the homeowners. It seems that Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, that guy we all …

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Champ Bailey: Broncos Success Gives Him Time To Heal

Champ Bailey, the famous record setting Broncos defender was sidelined earlier this year during the preseason, after suffering a sprained foot injury. Bailey has appeared in the Pro Bowl twelve times, as a part of the Redskins and Broncos and even holds the record for number of Pro Bowl selections for any cornerback in the NFL. Bailey’s injury before the …

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Middle-Aged Men Get The Inside Scoop

Sometimes staying busy with clients, e-mails, meetings, paperwork, and other daily activities can leave you isolated and out of touch with what’s going on in the world around you. Do you ever overhear conversations with younger people and wonder, “what the hell are they talking about?”. The more involved I become with my career, the less I know about what’s …

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