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Shailene Woodley Confused by ‘Spider-Man 2′ Cut

Shailene Woodley is making big news for her role in The Fault in Our Stars, but she was terribly saddened and confused when she learned she had been cut from The Amazing Spider-Man 2. When the film went in another direction and her role was eliminated she wondered if she simply wasn’t cut out for acting in an action film. …

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Migraine Headaches Could Be Caused By Stress

If you suffer from migraine headaches, you know how frustrating and annoying they can be. While there are many over-the-counter and prescription medications that can be used to treat migraines, not everyone can find relief with medication. Getting to the root cause of the migraines allows for more treatment options. A new study shows that stress is one of the …

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Chill Out, Man – Stress Can Totally Kill You

Your mortgage, your overbearing boss, your backtalking kid, your dating life, your term paper, the holidays… Yeah, life is stressful. And as if there wasn’t already enough things out there that can kill you, here comes your chronic worrying to finish the job. AsapSCIENCE takes a brief look at the negative health effects of too much stress and comes to …

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Government Shutdown Woes and Orgasmic Release

The politicians handling the Government Shutdown have come to an agreement to solve the nations numerous economic problems. After 16 long days of  uncertainty president Obama has signed a bill to avoid default and officially end the Shutdown. Thousands of employees who work for different government agencies are waiting to find out when they can return to work. Being away …

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Heart Attack Risk Linked to Work Stress

A new study published today in The Lancet shows that people with “highly demanding” job or those with “little freedom” are more likely to have a heart attack. Specifically, they are 23% more likely to have a heart attack than those with less stressful jobs. The study, led by Professor Mika Kivimäki from the University College London department of epidemiology …

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JetBlue Captain Suffered a Meltdown and Terrified Passengers

As humans we cannot always be perfect but it looks like the captain of JetBlue Flight 191 could be facing some serious charges after suffering a meltdown in front of passengers yesterday. The flight from New York to Las Vegas was forced to land in Amarillo, TX after the pilot raced into the aisle ranting about al-Qaeda and claimed that …

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