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Enterprises Seeing Increased Complexity at Data Centers

Symantec has put together its "State of the Data Center" report, which is the product of a survey of 573 businesses in 26 countries.

Google Makes the Cloud Cheaper

Gmail used to offer a gigabyte of storage to new users, but now it offers at least seven gigs. Picasa comes with a gig. Sometimes that’s not enough. While Google has offered the ability to pay for additional storage, the company has now reduced the prices for it.

Yahoo Closes the Lid on Yahoo Brief Case

Do you use Yahoo Briefcase? No? Well, you’re not alone. In fact, so few people are using it that its shutting down entirely.

Amazon’s S3: Almost Free Storage

I remember awhile back coming across a post that Nick Carr did about someone who was using Amazon’s S3 remote storage service to do backups, and wound up getting a bill for a month’s worth of charges for hosting his data — and it was a single cent (the original post by Dave Gurnell is here, and Nick’s post is here).

Webmail Storage Quotas – Are They Redundant?

The last time I checked my Gmail quota (actually just a few minutes ago), I was just using 45 megabytes of my 3,373 megabyte quota. So are email quotas irrelevant?

If that’s not enough, over at the Gmail blog, they’ve just mentioned “More Gmail Storage for All

Gmail Storage Ticks Upward, Lags Yahoo, AOL
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Google has given the storage counter for Gmail a little boost to its spin, but believe it or not they could be doing more.

Nirvanix Rains On Amazon’s S3 Cloud

Storage demands of modern rich media content drove Nirvanix to create a system that can handle those files, and web applications, better.

Google Starts Shared Storage Service
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Google users can boost their available storage for Gmail and Picasa Web Albums to as much as 250GB for an annual fee.

Windows Live Takes A SkyDrive

The product formerly known as Windows Live Folders has been renamed and opened up to people in the US, UK, and India.

Yahoo Begins Unlimited Email Storage

The global rollout of Yahoo’s shift to endless email started today, with all users expected to be upgraded in the coming months.

Might Gmail Be Moving to Unlimited Storage?
The FON blog reprinted a letter from FON CEO Martin Varsavsky about them moving from Microsoft to Linux. It includes this portion (emphasis mine):

Yahoo’s Mail API & Unlimited Storage

I’ll have more to say about some of the larger issues around this in a few days, but now that the embargo has been lifted (damn you, Om Malik), I wanted to point at the pair of announcements from Yahoo! Mail today and yesterday.

Google Provides 120TB Storage to Hubble Researchers

Google’s entered the moving and storage business. No, not PODS, but the technological equivalent – they’re helping Hubble researchers transfer 120 terabytes of data and offering storage too.

Gmail Storage To Increase Through 2012
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Amidst concerns (and excitement) about what Gmail might do on its April 1 birthday, confirmation has come that the service’s storage quota will continue to increase beyond that date.

MySQL – Storage Engine for Amazon S3

I got an email today from O’Reilly today about the MySQL Conference (coming up at the end in April), it looks like a pretty good conference, but one of the sessions caught my eye. It was called A Storage Engine for Amazon S3.

Picasa Ups Storage, Features, Blogger Integration

Google has added new features to Picasa Web Albums, its online photo storage service, and increased the storage for free accounts to 1 gigabyte (up from 250 megabytes). New features include easy embed codes for sharing your photos through email, instant messages and websites and being able to search for public photos.

2.5 Terabyte Hard Drives by 2009?

Hard drive titan Seagate says that increasing hard disk densities could mean 4,000 hours of video on your PC, or TiVo, by 2009.

High-Capacity Photon Storage

Scientists at the University of Rochester have stored an entire image-worth of data within a single photon, promising unsurpassed quantities of data storage for the era of quantum computing that lies before us.

Gmail Storage Growth Grinds To A Halt

One of Gmail’s biggest bragging points is that it offers an ever-increasing amount of storage. It’s a new year, though, and the times, they are a-changing (with apologies to Bob Dylan for that line). Gmail’s storage capacity appears to have leveled off at 2800 megabytes.

Off Site Data Storage
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Why in this day and age of enormous hard drives and portable storage drives that can be carried in your pocket without even realizing it’s there would anyone want to trust an off site data storage site?

Hotmail Increases Storage

Microsoft has increased the storage space in Hotmail to one gigabyte, bringing it in line with what Yahoo Mail offers.

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