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Could “Bad Ads” Destroy the Web’s Revenue Model? Could “Bad Ads” Destroy the Web’s Revenue Model?
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It’s no secret that most consumers aren’t exactly fond of online ads, especially pop-up ones. While there are some very “bad ads” that could result in serious damage to consumers, a lot of online advertisements are perfectly safe and actually …

Google Joins Facebook, Twitter, AOL, IAB To Stop Badware Google Joins Facebook, Twitter, AOL, IAB To Stop Badware

Google, Twitter, Facebook, AOL and the IAB have joined forces to form the Ads Integrity Alliance, geared toward keeping protecting users from ads that contain badware. The initiative was announced today by StopBadware.org. The organization says the alliance will develop …

Survey Gives Owner’s Perspective Of Compromised Websites Survey Gives Owner’s Perspective Of Compromised Websites

Cyber security company Commtouch teamed up with anti-malware nonprofit StopBadware recently to survey over 600 owners and administrators of previously compromised websites. The survey discovered a variety of surprising factoids, from the fact that WordPress is a favorite content management …

Verizon Partners With StopBadWare To Protect Internet Users

Verizon said today it is partnering with the nonprofit organization StopBadWare to help protect Internet users from security threats like spyware, viruses and other malware. During the next three years, the organizations will work together on issues ranging from educating …

Google, PayPal, Mozilla Help StopBadware Go Solo

Thanks to Google, PayPal, and Mozilla, the anti-malware organization borne out of Harvard’s Berkman center has become an independent entity.  StopBadware.org is now a non-profit known simply as StopBadware.

This change should be viewed as more evolutionary than revolutionary; like before, StopBadware will work to minimize the threat of malware, and at the moment, nothing more significant than some colors, logos, and site content has been changed.

Google Updates Webmaster Malware Reviews

Webmasters whose sites have been flagged in Google’s search results as being potential links to malware have a new process for updating their listings after cleaning the site.

Google,Stopbadware Make Mistakes

A service call Stopbadware.org that is supposed to warn users of sites containing malware was recently involved in some confusion along with Google. It seems Stopbadware flagged the site misterpoll.com as a potentially dangerous site to visit. Then the Google search results for misterpoll.com had the warning:” Visiting this Web site may harm your computer!”