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Are You High on Yelp? Are You High on Yelp?
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On Friday, popular online review site Yelp began trading on the New York Stock Exchange. The company had a successful first day with shares jumping from $15 per share initial pricing to nearly $25 per share. Yesterday, in the company’s second day of trading, shares however dipped nearly 15 percent.

No Twitter IPO For A Couple Years Says CEO No Twitter IPO For A Couple Years Says CEO
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Now that Facebook has taken the plunge and filed their S-1 documents, much of the attention has been redirected to Twitter. It’s not like discussion about a possible Twitter IPO is anything new, it just seems to have intensified since …

Fake Facebook Stock Sold By Oshkosh Woman, Amidst IPO Filing

An Oshkosh Wisconsin woman is in some scalding hot water recently for taking advantage of Facebook’s recent public stock offering. Marianne Oleson has been charged with 33 felony charges in the Winnebago County Court. The prosecutors say the woman claimed …

Spark Capital Makes a Substantial Investment in Foursquare, Purchases $50 Million in Stock Spark Capital Makes a Substantial Investment in Foursquare, Purchases $50 Million in Stock

Spark Capital is providing its employees with more liquid assets by purchasing fifty million dollars worth of Foursquare’s company stock. Foursquare has 15 million registered users who have collectively checked in 1.5 billion times and has generated information about some …

Apple Fighting For Largest Company In The World Status Apple Fighting For Largest Company In The World Status

Apple’s huge earnings yesterday has just shot them through the roof as they battle for the status of largest company in the world with Exxon Mobil. Apple’s stock rose nearly six percent in midday trading according to the Mercury News. …

Groupon IPO Raises $700 Million, Priced At $20 A Share Groupon IPO Raises $700 Million, Priced At $20 A Share
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Daily deals powerhouse Groupon has priced its Initial Public Offering at $20 a share, a move that will raise $700 million for the barely 3-year-old startup. This IPO values the company at around $12.8 billion. The oversubscribed company added five …

LinkedIn IPO Reactions From The Twitter World LinkedIn IPO Reactions From The Twitter World

LinkedIn has sent the tech world in a flurry since their initial public offering yesterday blew all expectations out of the water. LinkedIn announced its pricing at $5 per share, but by the end of trading yesterday it had reached …

HP Looking To Cloud For The Future

If you’re a new CEO and are looking to put your own stamp on a company upon starting, look to HP’s Leo Apotheker for inspiration. On Monday, Apotheker outlined his vision for the company and many came away impressed with …

The Story Of Facebook’s Attempt To Buy Twitter

In a BusinessWeek article takes us on the journey of how one monster of social media tried to swallow an up and comer but didn’t quite have what it takes.twitter-logo

Does Steve Jobs Have Nine Lives?

Although I have ruthlessly defended new media’s potential for legitimacy as a news source, nobody said citizen journalism was a flawless concept. Today a story was posted at iReport.com claiming that Apple CEO Steve Jobs had suffered a severe heart attack. He did not.

Facebook Shares to Be Sold in Less Than a Month
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Facebook LogoBack in August, information surfaced indicating that Facebook would begin allowing its employees to sell some of their shares in the company this fall. Now, a date has been set for this to begin, and that date is the 1st of November.

Heavy Trading Sinks Google Below $500

After hours trading added insult to injury, as shares of GOOG continued to decline after the market closed today.

MSN Money Wants Its Day In The Sun

Overcoming the inertia that keeps people going to other financial sites confronts Chris Jolley, group manager at Microsoft’s Financial Products Group, every day. He believe MSN Money deserves a look.

Google’s Stock Still Creates Uncertainty

Compared to most of the past month, today was a pretty uneventful day for Google’s stock (it gained $7.57).  As such, now seems as good a time as any to take a deep breath, sit back, and consider where it might go in the future.

 Google's Stock Still Creates Uncertainty
Credit Suisse Puts Google Near $900

Google’s stock chart shows a drastic plunge taking place between November 7th and November 12th, but things have since leveled off, and Credit Suisse isn’t worried.  An analyst at the firm has actually suggested that Google might hit $900 per share in the next year.

Google Still Waiting On SEC For Stock Quotes

When writing a story that revolves around stock prices, I prefer to wait until the market’s closed – don’t want the story reversing itself as I type, after all.  I’ve found that market updates from Google (and Yahoo and MSN) are a little slow, though, and for this, we can blame the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Google’s Stock Slips $40

Ten days ago, Joe Magyer described Google as “the world’s scariest stock.”  He may have been laughed at as a result, since the search giant proceeded to gain about $60 per share.  It’s now lost around $40, though, and investors have to be feeling decidedly uneasy.

Google Hits, Stays Above $700

At 9:32 AM, Google’s stock arrived at $700.43.  Regardless of what happened next, that was an important mark.  But what happened next is interesting, too: the search engine giant generally stayed above $700.

Yahoo’s Stock Climbs On Yet-To-Occur Alibaba IPO

Up and down, down and up – it just sort of meandered along for a while.  But on Friday afternoon, Yahoo’s stock took more of an “up, up, and away” approach due to Alibaba.com’s impending IPO.

Is Arrington About To Sell Out?

It wasn’t long ago a couple of analysts pulled a few blogs to the air hose and blew up their valuations. Michael Arrington’s TechCrunch was among them with an MSRP of $100 million and CNet the prime candidate to buy. Then, this morning Arrington said something very curious.

Google’s Stock Hits $675 Per Share

A little more than two weeks ago, Google’s stock hit $600 per share.  We all “ooh”ed and “aah”ed.  Now the search giant has hit $675, and it may be only a matter of time before it passes $700.