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State of Decay Rejected by Australian Ratings Board

Earlier this week, the Australian Ratings Board announced it had rejected Saints Row IV over an “Alien Anal Probe” weapon in the game, as well as “alien narcotics” that give players super powers. Though the Saints Row series is known for its over-the-top childishly bawdy humor, it seems that the ratings board is rejecting even games where mature content would …

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State of Decay Sells 500,000 on XBLA

A PC mod for ARMA II called DayZ gained steady popularity over the summer of 2012. Set in the zombie apocalypse, the game tasks players with finding food, tools, weapons, and medicine while avoiding zombies and other players who won’t hesitate to gun down a fellow survivor for supplies. If DayZ hasn’t entirely proven that the open-world zombie apocalypse survival …

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