AgLocal Rep Rides Reddit’s Internet 2012 Tour Bus

AgLocal Rep Rides Reddit’s Internet 2012 Tour Bus

By Sean Patterson October 11, 2012

Judging by the Internet 2012 Bus Tour panel discussion held yesterday in Lexington, Kentucky, everyone on the tour bus believes an open internet can change just about every type of business. Robert Roderick, head of product technology for AgLocal, spoke …

New Startup Aims to Meet Career Needs

Although more and more businesses find value in social media, they are also finding challenges. For instance, many businesses struggle to keep their employees productive on social sites. Another challenge is the size of social networks. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter have experiences enormous growth, which can often be hard for businesses to leverage.

SideStep Acquires TripUp

SideStep promotes itself as “the traveler’s search engine,” while TripUp is “an interactive travel community.”  And as similar as those names and descriptions are, they may soon grow even more alike; SideStep has acquired TripUp.

Pownce: Collaboration From & at the Hip
At first glance, Kevin Rose of Digg’s new startup Pownce is Yet Another Status Message Service (YASMS) like Twitter, Jaiku or Plazes.  But really, its a collaboration app made for the most modern web.  It’s bound for adoption because the founders can drive word of mouth and its inherent virality.  And perhaps what it does is less important than the three trends it represents.

Who has the Best Startup Blog?

I’ve been reading startup blogs for as long as there have been startup blogs.

I’m a fan of Joel Spolsky.  I’m impressed with his wit and humor.  Some of his older stuff was really good, but most of his newer stuff just hasn’t struck me in the same way.  But, maybe that’s just me.

I’m a fan of Paul Graham.  I’m impressed with his intelligence and ability to really cover a topic well in a way that makes sense and appeals to my analytical side.

Is 30 Too Old To Be A Web Visionary?

Ah, your Twenties – when your invincibility nearly reaches the heights of your arrogance. How I miss them, when I was certain any moment Oprah would call to recognize my brilliance, and my bedroom had a revolving door.

Big Guys Go Startup Shopping

I’m still trying to recover from the incredible two days that was the mesh conference, and will be posting updates and links to video, blogs, photos and reviews as I come across them, but in the meantime here’s a cross-post from my Globe and Mail blog in which I try to catch up with two of the many tech deals that occurred while I was en-meshed:

Digg Founder Looking at Instant Messaging?

Don’t you wish you had “sources familiar with the company”, so you could speculate on new products and acquisitions?

Google Reader Gains Ties To Gmail
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Google Reader is taking another step forward, and it’s holding Gmail’s hand as it does so.  Thanks to a new feature, users can now “share something you find in Reader with someone who doesn’t use a feed reader at all.”

Joost Snags Big Brands With Ad Deals

Viacom’s content distribution partner Joost, founded by the creators of Skype, has inked a number of ad deals with very prominent brands.

Salesforce Launches Startup Incubator

Salesforce launched an incubator for startups.  It is a similar proposition to the Socialtext Coworking space, but has a cost for the startup and is structured as a partnership program.  A BusinessWeek article interviewed me about it.

Public Google Calendars – Login Credentials

Startup Meme and Chris Pirillo report that quite a few people have made login credentials of theirs public via Google Calendar event descriptions, which can now be found by searching for public events for e.g. “username password”.

How Not To Give Your Software Away For Free

If you are a startup entrepreneur, at some point, you will need to make a decision regarding your business model.  Many software startups have a strategy to build early market traction by giving away their offering for free with some plan to monetize at a later date.  I’m not going to make a strong argument against this.  So, for purposes of this article, lets assume for a moment that as a software startup, you actually *want* to charge money for your software someday. 

Raising Startup Funding Without A Plan Or A PowerPoint

Before we get too deep into this, let me clarify two things.  When I say without a “plan”, I mean without a formally written business plan – not that you should be clueless about what you want to do.  And, when I say startup funding, I’m talking more about early stage seed funding via angels (though most of these tips should apply to VCs as well).

Startup Hiring Pointers

I’ve been in the startup business for a pretty long time now.  One of the things that I’ve found hardest to do is find and recruit exceptionally talented individuals.  This is not particularly surprising, I think all businesses (big and small, young and old) have this challenge.  However, I think this challenge is particularly acute for startups.

5 Quick Pointers On Startup Hiring

Startups Can Innovate Better Than Big Companies

Don Dodge wrote a couple of great articles recently titled “Why Startups Innovate While Big Companies Incrementally Improve” and “What do the PC, Mac and Xbox All Have In Common“.

Polar Rose: Facial Recognition Startup

While at Le Web 3, Nikolaj Nyholm told me about his new facial recognition startup, Polar Rose, which just launched.