Malia Obama: Stanford or Berkeley Bound?

Malia Obama: Stanford or Berkeley Bound?

By Kimberly Ripley January 4, 2015

Malia Obama has reached that pivotal point in most teenager’s lives when it’s time to seriously consider the colleges to which she’ll apply. The 16-year-old daughter of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama will head off to college …

Take That, Google: This Self-Driving Car Tops Out at 120 MPH Take That, Google: This Self-Driving Car Tops Out at 120 MPH

Though Google gets the most attention for their work, they are far from the only ones working on driverless car technology. And while Google is churning along, logging hundreds of thousands of miles with their fleet of Priuses and just …

Coursera Offers a Free World-Class Education Coursera Offers a Free World-Class Education

Students across the world can now access online courses from five prestigious American universities (Stanford, Princeton, the University of California at Berkeley, the University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Michigan) thanks to an interactive platform called Coursera. The site …

Sam Wopat: Athlete’s Mysterious Death Has Shocked Stanford Campus Sam Wopat: Athlete’s Mysterious Death Has Shocked Stanford Campus


Shock and grief have shrouded the Stanford campus since school officials announced on Monday that sophomore Samantha Wopat passed away. She was just 19. Wopat, who excelled in sports and was one of the nation’s best volleyball players during her …

Professor Teaches Students How To Create Their Own Google Professor Teaches Students How To Create Their Own Google

Sebastian Thrun, an ex Stanford professor decided in January to give up his tenure at the school and reach out for larger audiences. Specializing in machine learning and robotics, Thrun is excited to leave the constraints of formal education and …

Hear Steve Jobs Discuss Death During his Stanford Commencement Speech Hear Steve Jobs Discuss Death During his Stanford Commencement Speech

With the news of Steve Jobs’ death people from all walks of life began spreading condolences via Facebook, Twitter, and other socil media outlets. One thing people began to share was Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford commencement speech. Why, you ask? …

Google Picks Stanford Residences For Broadband Test

A physical site for one of Google’s ultra high-speed broadband networks has been chosen.  The company announced today that it will build one network for the 850 or so homes that are part of Stanford University’s Residential Subdivision.

This move makes sense for a number of reasons.  A post on the Official Google Blog explained, "Most important was Stanford’s openness to us experimenting with new fiber technologies on its streets."

Stanford Launches Site Focused On App Privacy

The Stanford Center has launched a new website, WhatApp.org, where users and experts can review online and mobile apps for privacy and security.

M. Ryan Calo, a residential fellow at Stanford Law School’s Center for Internet and Society, has helped design WhatApp.org with the goal of reducing the risk of computer hacking, identity theft, spam and phishing.

The reviews are being written by lawyers, computer scientists, and privacy and security experts from Stanford and other institutions.

Stanford Endorses Google Books Settlement

The last few months were probably long and hard ones for members of the Google Books team; it had started to seem like the whole world objected to their proposed scanning and sharing settlement.  But it turns out that Stanford is on Google’s side, as a new deal was announced this afternoon.

Stanford Takes Up Case Against AP
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Well, if Google (or any number of other cost-conscious corporations) isn’t going to do something about overreaching copyright enforcement, it may be up to nonprofits and legal scholars at our best law schools. First up, a pair of acronyms, next Congress for encouraging them.

Universities Listening To Talks Of Blanket Music Licensing At The ISP Level

Warner Music Group’s Jim Griffen, who has been a vocal proponent of blanket music licensing at the ISP level, is out pitching the idea to some of America’s top universities.

Stanford bubbles up Presidential candidate opinions

If Internet users held a particular position about a candidate, Stanford University’s Management Science & Engineering department probably caught their opinions in a bubble. Through the use of real-time data firm Wise Window’s software as a service for qualitative data, …

Researchers Question Yahoo Answers

Stanford University researchers analyzed 10 months worth of content from Yahoo’s popular Answers service to learn about the people using it and where it might go in the future.

Selling Paid Links Can Hamper Your Google Rankings
Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Land points out that "Selling paid links can hurt your page rank or rankings on Google". He says, "More and more, I’ve been seeing people wondering if they’ve lost traffic on Google because they were detected to be selling paid links."

Stanford’s Facebook App Development Group

Today I noticed that a couple of my Facebook friends joined the group: Creating New Apps for Facebook (New Stanford Course).

CEO: Google Is Like Your Ex – Cute, But Insane

Well, he didn’t put it exactly like that, but Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer didn’t pull any punches in regard to Google during an appearance in front of 450 Stanford University business and engineering students yesterday. In addition to calling Google’s employee growth-rate "insane," and its non-search products "cute," Ballmer implied Google was a one-trick pony.

(And we’ll have some class and not mention the shellacking Stanford took in the NCAA tournament by Louisville. Oops, guess we just kind of did.)

Stanford Says You’re Hooked On The Net

Internet addiction used to be a joking matter, but it has reached a point where the reality of too much WWW has lead some to busted relationships, job losses, and other bad side effects.