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Square Inc. Introduces Loyalty and Rewards System for Customers

We’ve been following Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey’s new startup, Square Inc. for awhile now, and most recently we have seen his company grow in size to reach over 2 billion users. The service is currently processing $6 billion in mobile payments annually and is accepted at over 20,000 retail outlets and is growing everyday. Now the company is introducing a …

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Square Inc. Hits the Two Million User Mark

Square Inc., Twitter co-found Jack Dorsey’s latest venture, has really taken off lately. Just about six months ago, the company reached a milestone of 1 million users. Today, they reached another milestone and now have over 2 million users. Annually they are processing $6 billion in mobile payments and are being used by over 20,000 retailers. Square’s biggest threat comes …

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Square Inc. Doubles its Reach to Over 20,000 Retailers

Back in April, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey announced that his newest venture, Square Inc was already processing about $5 billion worth of transactions per year, and being used at almost 10,000 stores around the country. Today, that number has doubled and Square is an accepted form of payment at over 20,000 outlets nationwide. For about ten bucks you can go to …

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Square Increases Payment Volume by 25%

As you may already know, Square Inc., the new mobile card reader and payment service, is becoming more popular with merchants. In fact, they have increased their payment volume by 25% since March. Currently they are processing payments at an annualized rate of $5 billion. But, how have they become so popular so fast? That’s easy, it’s all about money. …

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Google Wallet Engineer Moves to Square Inc.

Robert Van Behren, co-founding engineer of the Google Wallet, has left his position with the technology giant as of January and joined the ranks of Square Inc. As you may remember, we have been following Square and founder Jack Dorsey as they acquire new talent for the start up. Von Behren updated his Linkedin page today to read ‘Hyperspatial Payments …

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Square Hires Tesla Executive; Plans to Double Staff

Bloomberg reports Square Inc. is making an effort to double their staff this year. Producing credit card readers for the mobile device industry, they handled over $4 billion in transactions just last year. Squares main competitors include Intuit Inc., and Ebay’s PayPal. This past November Square hired Apple executive Jesse Dorogusker to run their hardware division. In February they hired …

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