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Sprint Bringing Google Android To HTC Hero
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Sprint announced today that it will be the first U.S. carrier to offer Google’s Android operating system on HTC’s Hero smartphone, slated to launch on October 11.

The HTC Hero will be available on the Sprint website and at retailer Best Buy for $179.

Social Media: A Day In The Life Of An NFL Player

The Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver, formerly known as Chad Johnson, has been tweeting for sometime now. With just over 110,000 followers on Twitter and his own show on USTREAM, Ocho is giving the everyday fan a chance to see the daily life of an NFL player… however wacky the life may be.

Sprint Lobbyist Declares Net Neutrality Support
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The thing about being a journalist, web or otherwise, is you are essentially always on the job, and sometimes you’re on the clock when you least expect it. Rufus Edmisten, former attorney general and secretary of state for North Carolina turned Philip Morris/Sprint/Alltel lobbyist, was informed of my occupation more than once—web journalist, I told him—which didn’t seem to register on any particular level with him.

Sprint Restores Peering to Cogent
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At 4:00 p.m. Eastern on Thursday, October 30th Sprint (A Tier 1 Internet backbone provider) severed their peering connections with fellow Tier 1 Internet backbone provider Cogent Communications. This depeering was due to a contract dispute that Cogent claimed was already in litigation. Webpronews broke this story within hours of the depeering.

Cogent and Sprint Break the Internet!
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Tens of thousands of public internet addresses located on Cogent’s  backbone are no longer accessible from Sprint Customers. This disruption is affecting thousands of web properties including WebProNews.com. Drudgereport.com was also affected by this outage but has apparently managed to route around Sprint’s network.

Cox To Rollout Wireless Service
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Cox Communications has announced it will offer its customers wireless service in 2009, including, digital cable, high-speed Internet and telephone.

The company says the move is a milestone as it was the first to introduce a voice, video and data bundle to the marketplace in 1997. Today, 64 percent of Cox customers by multiple services from the company and one-third subscribe to all three offerings.

More Adults Adopt Texting To Contact Kids

Texting has been commonplace among younger people for a while but it is now leading to older adults adopting the practice as well, according to new research from Sprint.

The number of adults who are texting has increased from just two years ago, when a Pew Research study found that 13 percent of adults ages 50-64 used the text messaging function on their mobile phone. Sprint found that now 20 percent of adults ages 55-64 send text messages.

Usenet Villified In NY Deal With ISPs
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New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s office reached agreements with three big broadband providers to pare back access to the newsgroups on Usenet, in the name of fighting child pornography.

Internet Providers To Block Child Porn Sites
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Verizon, Sprint and Time Warner Cable have reached an agreement with New York officials to ban access to child pornography.

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo said the Internet service providers will block access to child pornography newsgroups and remove the content from their servers.

The agreements will affect customers in New York and in the rest of the country. Talks are ongoing to get other Internet service providers to adopt the same policy.

WiMax And Google, In Your Pocket
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The conquest of the desktop network ended once Google passed 50 percent of the search market. To grow, they need to roll into broader lands beyond their empire.

WiMax Ready To Roll From Sprint
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By merging its Xohm high-speed WiMax broadband division with Clearwire, Sprint will breathe new life into fast wireless Internet access.

Sprint Forges Ahead With Xohm

The WiMax service from Sprint called Xohm picked up an award at CTIA, as the initiative continues to progress in its development.

Nationwide Sprint WiMax Network Idea Revived

Deep-pocketed cable companies have a newfound interest in helping Sprint and occasional partner Clearwire launch a high-speed wireless network based on the WiMax standard.

T-Mobile May Dial Up Sprint Acquisition

A weakened dollar and a sub-$7 share price combined to drive rumors of T-Mobile possibly buying troubled wireless provider Sprint-Nextel.

Google, Wireless Firms Snipe Over White Spaces

T-Mobile and Sprint don’t want companies like Google, Microsoft, and other using the “white spaces” of unused spectrum for wireless service.

Google Touted As Possible Sprint Buyer

A wireless broadband network could be as close as writing a check, if Google opts to save Sprint and turn it into the GoogleNet.

WiMax: Sprint, Clearwire Split

The difficulties associated with rolling out wireless service through WiMax may have claimed the nascent Sprint and Clearwire partnership as a victim.

Monday = Google Phone Day?

Current buzzings on the Internet suggest Google will have lots to say about its mobile phone strategies after the weekend.

Sprint’s WiMax Fate Being Debated

The $5 billion price tag to bring Xohm, Sprint’s WiMax offering, to fruition may be just a little too rich as the wireless carrier looks at options for the business.

Demise Of Xohm? Perhaps Not

The $5 billion price tag to create Sprint’s WiMAX service, Xohm, looked like a deal-killer when the former CEO was forced out. A spark of life exists.

Xohm May Get X’ed Out

Sprint tossed out its CEO, who had backed a plan to build a WiMAX solution in the US. That plan appears to be in jeopardy.