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Google Looks At Apparent IE Sponsored Post Spam

Tech blogger/investor Michael Arrington revealed that someone who claimed to be a “social strategist on behalf of Microsoft” tried to get him to write about Internet Explorer for payment. The message he got says: Hi Michael, I work as a social strategist on behalf of Microsoft, and I wanted to invite you to collaborate on a sponsored post opportunity for …

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Tumblr Sponsored Posts To Be Shown Across Yahoo Properties

Here we are just about a year since Yahoo officially acquired Tumblr. Yahoo announced today that content from Tumblr Sponsored Posts will now be promoted across Yahoo in addition to Tumblr, giving them the potential to reach over 800 million average monthly visitors. The Sponsored Posts are now integrated and available through Yahoo Gemini, the marketplace the company launched in …

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Facebook Making Premium Ads More Personal

For those that felt Facebook ads and sponsored posts just weren’t cutting it, some new leaked documents from the social network detail their plans to change how premium ads are displayed starting February 29. In leaked documents obtained by Gigaom, Facebook will reportedly be upgrading its premium ads. Facebook claims that the new ads will have a much larger reach …

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Unruly Media (Of Google Paid Link Fiasco Fame) Aims To Avoid Similar Fiascos

Early this month, Google was caught up in some controversy related to paid linking. It’s funny how the Internet works. That seems like such a long time ago, and so many Google controversies ago. Since then, Google has sparked heated debate among users and the media around both Search Plus Your World and its new privacy policies. But anyway, some …

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Aaron Wall Interview: Google Paid Link Story Wrap-Up

The topic of paid links is in the headlines once again, and ironically, Google is the accused. As WebProNews previously reported, Google was recently caught up in a controversy after it violated its own Webmaster Guidelines as part of a marketing campaign for Google Chrome.

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Google Promotes Chrome At Cost Of Search Quality

Google is the subject of some controversy related to sponsored links. They involve posts promoting Google Chrome for small businesses. Are you OK with Google’s Chrome promotion strategy? Let us know in the comments. As you may know, Google has strict guidelines against paid links that don’t carry the nofollow link attribute. They have been known to ban sites for …

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