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3 Craziest Debt Reduction Methods Ever

Ever since the 2008 crash, people have been trying to figure out how to get back on top of the debt reduction game. Lots of folks ended up underwater on their mortgages. Many lost value in their 401K plans. And a sickening number of people are now realizing that the student loans that were supposed to have been well worth …

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Don’t Send A Bottle Of Seminal Fluid To The Girl You Love

Love can sometimes make us do incredibly stupid things. For one Chinese man, his expression of love made Van Gogh’s little stunt look sane. The Metro reports that Gou Wen, 22, sent the love of his life a bottle of his own sperm as a token of his adoration. Despite it being the most insane, and kind of disgusting, way …

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Guys, Your Sedentary Lifestyle Is Killing Your Swimmers

Guys: get off reddit. Seriously. And stop watching House of Cards. I know it’s all there at once – all 13 episodes! But go take the dog for a walk. For the love of your sperm. We all know by now that research has linked sedentary lifestyles to not living very long. Seriously, the more you sit on your ass, …

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Cancer Survivors Urged to Make Sperm Bank Follow-ups

New research presented at the Fertility 2013 conference this week in Liverpool, England shows that many male cancer patients are not getting sufficient advice about their future fertility. Though sperm banking is often recommended for men diagnosed with cancer, many of them do not follow up with fertility advice. In the case of men in the U.K., this could mean …

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