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Watch These Guys Beat Half-Life In Under 21 Minutes

Before 1998, first-person shooters were all about, well, shooting. Half-Life came along in ’98 and changed everything though. Sure, it played a lot like Quake, but it had a story. It wasn’t one of those in your face stories either. It was subtle and left most of the story up to the player to find. In that sense, Half-Life is …

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Watch This Guy Beat Majora’s Mask In Under 2 Hours

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is a deceptively lengthy title. The game may only have four dungeons, but its wide variety of side quests ensures that you’ll spend 20 to 30 hours finding everything in the game. What if you ignored those side quests though? Could you beat the game’s four dungeons in a quarter of the time? How …

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Watch This Guy Beat Portal In 8 Minutes

Speed runs are one of my most favorite things when it comes to gaming. Watching a grand master complete a game in the fraction of the time it took me to complete it fills me with awe. Granted, there are speed runs are less fun because they use scripts or cheats, but this is not one of them. YouTube user, …

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Ocarina Of Time Completed In Less Than 25 Minutes Thanks To Exploit

Exploits and bugs are sometimes a marvelous thing. They allow the player to access areas before they should be allowed to or just create all kinds of goofy problems with character animations or the geography. Sometimes an exploit is so rare or hard to find that it takes players over a decade to find – this is one of those …

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