T-Mobile to Buy Verizon Spectrum For $2.3 Billion

T-Mobile to Buy Verizon Spectrum For $2.3 Billion

By Sean Patterson January 6, 2014

Late last week, T-Mobile CEO John Legere criticized AT&T’s announcement that it would pay up to $450 to T-Mobile subscribers who switch to AT&T. Calling the move “desperate,” Legere said the move was a clear sign that T-Mobile had made …

Americans Consuming A Lot More Mobile Data Americans Consuming A Lot More Mobile Data

Americans live in a consumer driven culture. Throughout the years, our society has been compelled to consume via text, radio, television, and now, the Internet. The methods of consuming data via the Internet have changed, however, and mobile data consumption …

DoJ Approves Verizon's' Deal With Cable Companies DoJ Approves Verizon's' Deal With Cable Companies

The Justice Department announced today it will allow Verizon’s proposed acquisitions of spectrum from cable companies Comcast, Time Warner, Bright House Networks and Cox Communications (as well as T-Mobile’s contingent purchase of a significant portion of that spectrum) to go …

Verizon-Cable Deal to Raise Big Concerns? Verizon-Cable Deal to Raise Big Concerns?

The dispute over Verizon Wireless’s bid to buy spectrum from several cable companies is still going strong even after last week’s hearing that attempted to answer some of the questions about it. As WebProNews previously reported, Verizon Wireless, in December, …

Verizon's Spectrum Deal And Competition Verizon's Spectrum Deal And Competition
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Last year ,Verizon announced it would purchase mobile spectrum licenses from several cable companies for about $4 billion. Competitors think this will give Verizon too much power and hurt competition. Complaints from T-Mobile USA, Sprint Nextel, Public Knowledge, and the …

Spectrum Auctions Part Of Payroll Tax Cut Bill Spectrum Auctions Part Of Payroll Tax Cut Bill

Today, Washington passed the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act, extending the Payroll Tax Cut and unemployment benefits. Part of this was the authorization of the FCC to auction off wireless spectrum, which was proposed in the National …

Interview: Open Spectrum Auctions Are Best Option Interview: Open Spectrum Auctions Are Best Option

The war in Washington over wireless spectrum is really beginning to heat up as policymakers and the FCC aren’t seeing eye to eye. The issue is commonly referred to as the “spectrum crunch” since wireless networks are quickly becoming overloaded.

Verizon Expanding 4G LTE Network To Five New Markets Verizon Expanding 4G LTE Network To Five New Markets

Verizon announced today that they are expanding their 4G LTE network. The network will be activated in five new markets tomorrow and expanded in three others. Tomorrow’s launches bring the total number of markets with access to the 4G network …

FCC Clears Free Wireless Broadband

Free speech issues weren’t enough to knock down FCC Chairman Kevin Martin’s push-through of a free national wireless Internet initiative, but few were talking about those free speech issues anyway.  T-Mobile’s and Deutsche Telekom AG’s arguments about signal interference—which is the cry-wolf line of the wireless industry these days–weren’t either; after successful testing in Seattle, free wireless Internet is on the way.

Google, Verizon Weigh In On White Space Test
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The on-going corporate wrangling between Google and Verizon is heating up again as the Federal Communications Commission prepares to test technology that would make it possible to offer WiFi broadband Internet over unused TV channels known as white spaces.

Google Wireless Plot Thickens

All’s fair in love and war—and politics and business. While greased politicians, like good minions, slam Google for meddling in the 700 MHz auction, Google’s own associations show the company is getting better at playing these high-stakes games.

Chalk one up for razor’s-edge stategery cutting right to the quick of Verizon and AT&T.

Google: We Really Tried To Get 700MHz License

Now that FCC requirements on not discussing the wireless spectrum auction have passed, Google disclosed a little information about the process and their participation.

Verizon may have knocked out Google spectrum bid

Through several side bids for pieces of spectrum, Verizon may have outbid the top bid for the desired 700MHz C block auction and pushed it into a new scenario.

Spectrum Auction 73 Passes $4.6 Billion

In the parlance of online auctions, the reserve price has been met, in this case for a swath of 700MHz spectrum being freed up by TV broadcasters in 2009.

FCC Auction Bidding Tops $11.5 Billion

The big prize, a slice of spectrum covering the US, has stalled at a bid of $4.29 billion, under the Federal Communication Commission’s reserve price of $4.6 billion.

Google, Wireless Firms Snipe Over White Spaces

T-Mobile and Sprint don’t want companies like Google, Microsoft, and other using the “white spaces” of unused spectrum for wireless service.

Chris Sacca Quitting Google
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Chris Sacca was no Vanessa Fox – do a search for him within WebProNews, and you’ll find just five articles in which he’s mentioned.  Sacca will mirror Fox in at least one way, however, as he’s leaving Google at the end of this month.