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Myspace Wants to Be Hulu for Music

I’m not exactly sure how this is much different from what Myspace was already trying to be, but Specific Media, which purchased the social network for $35 million is making music the focus of Myspace going forward. Before the sale, Myspace had already tried to rebrand itself as an entertainment hub, largely dominated by music-related entertainment. When the company went …

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Is a Talent Show What Justin Timberlake Has in Mind for Myspace?

It’s pretty clear that Justin Timberlake knows that a massive revamp is the way that he is going to revive Myspace, if it can be revived. Considering the strong tilt towards music that Myspace has shown in the past few years, it wasn’t too much of a surprise when Timberlake jumped on board last week. But will his star power …

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Myspace Finds A Specific Buyer, Justin Timberlake Joins In

Updated at 5:23 pm Someone should really put Myspace out of its misery. It’s almost sad watching it crumble apart, if, for nothing else, the memories of the era it provides. True, aside from the support for musicians, Myspace was much more fluff than substance, but still, it represents an easier time when you didn’t have to “Like” everything and …

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