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Asteroid in 2040 Will Miss the Earth, Just Barely
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An asteroid discovered just last year and given tentative 1 in 500 odds of hitting the Earth in February 2040 is now no longer a danger to the planet, according to astronomers. Data gathered using the Gemini North telescope in …

NASA Video Shows Three-Mile-Long Asteroid Swing By Earth
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On Wednesday, December 12, the three-mile-long asteroid named “Toutatis” made its closest approach to earth. NASA scientists working at the Deep Space Network antenna in Goldstone, California were able to capture radar images of the object as it swung by. …

Near-Earth Asteroid Imaged by NASA
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NASA scientists announced today that they have created multiple radar images showing the near-Earth asteroid named 2007 PA8. The images were generated using data collected from the 70-meter Deep Space Network antenna in Goldstone, California on October 28 through October …