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Sony Sells Tokyo Building For $1.2 Billion

Last month, Sony sold its Madison Avenue headquarters building in New York for $1.1 Billion. The sale netted the electronics manufacturer around $770 million in cash, which the company needs as it various divisions (electronics, motion pictures, music, video games) have begun to feel the financial crunch of the past few years as well as increased competition from companies such …

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Sony Sells Its Madison Avenue Headquarters For $1.1 Billion

Sony Corporation of America this week announced that it has sold its Madison Avenue headquarters building. The building, located at 550 Madison Avenue in New York City, has been sold to a consortium led by The Chetrit Group, the owner of commercial properties in New York City and “other major U.S. real estate markets.” The headquarters was sold for $1.1 …

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Sony Reportedly Saves WipEout IP [RUMOR]

The rumors began this morning when cryptic messages showed up on the Twitter and Facebook accounts of the WipEout 2048 videogame. The messages simply read “WE. ARE. ALIVE.” and were accompanied by the above artwork. Speculation ranged from Sony’s Studio Liverpool being saved, to a new WipEout game in the works. Follow @wipEout2048 WipEout 2048 @wipEout2048 WE. ARE. ALIVE. http://t.co/HVuu5Ha4 …

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Sony Announces it Will Close Studio Liverpool

It seems to be that time of year in the gaming industry. It’s the calm before the storm of the holiday shopping season, and titles simply aren’t being released. Studio heads are no doubt looking through their accounts with gathering worry. Just in the past week, PopCap games has announced it is laying off 50 employees, and OnLive restructured its …

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