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Social Security Number Scams: How They Work

It’s a bit of a dichotomy. We’ve been told many times to be careful about giving out our Social Security numbers, but it seems like we’re being asked for all or part of it in almost every business transaction. I …

MTA Transit Employees Have Their Personal Info Exposed In Data Breach

Around 15,000 current and former workers of the New York City Transit Authority have their Social Security number and other personal data exposed after the information was found on a CD, which was still inside a refurbished CD-ROM drive. The …

AARP And Social Security Benefits AARP And Social Security Benefits
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If you’re not 50 or older, you may not be interested in AARP – the American Association of Retired Persons. AARP is a group designed to help retirees with their financial lives after the age of retirement – 62 years …

Social Security Increase Lowest in Decades as Inflation Ravages US Dollar Social Security Increase Lowest in Decades as Inflation Ravages US Dollar
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Millions of Social Security recipients and disabled veterans will receive the smallest benefits increase since 1975, when automatic increases were adopted to offer a shield against price inflation, according to an analysis by The Associated Press. The benefits will increase …

Fastest-Growing Baby Name is ‘Game of Thrones’-Inspired

The U.S. Social Security administration (SSA) this month released its yearly lists of the most popular baby names in America. Though some mainstays dominated the lists, a few surprises are making their way from popular culture to hospital nurseries. Perhaps …

Social Security Launches Online Calculator For Retirement
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The Social Security Administration has launched a new online calculator on its Web site that will allow people to plan for their retirement.