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Facebook Powerball Hoax Guy Says It Was Just a Social Experiment, No Harm No Foul

The guy that shopped a Powerball ticket earlier this month and duped millions of people into thinking he would split his winnings is finally speaking about the hoax. Nolan Daniels, a software developer, says that he never shared or liked any likebait posts and never asked anyone to – until he logged on to Facebook to see a surprising number …

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Peter Moylneux’s Cube-Tapping App Launches Today

Peter Moylneux’s 22Cans game studio today released a mobile game that can be considered more social experiment than game. Curiosity is a game about tapping a giant cube. The tapping serves to chip away at the cube and reveal the secrets buried inside. There are billions of “cubelets” to chip off the cube, however, so everyone’s collective taps count toward …

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Regular Guy Tricks NYC into Thinking He’s a Huge Celebrity [VIDEO]

It’s undeniable that Americans are a celebrity-obsessed bunch. Take a look at what’s trending on Twitter or Yahoo, or any other online service that tracks buzz and you’l notice a trend; Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Katie Holmes, Snooki, Snooki’s baby, Kim Kardashian again. Reality TV remains popular because it gives everyone the hope that someday, they too could be a …

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