Antibacterial Soap: What You Need To Know

Antibacterial Soap: What You Need To Know

By Toni Matthews-El December 18, 2013

Some of us pride ourselves on having antibacterial anything close by. In the bathroom, in the kitchen, and even in your purse. You know, just in case you’re stuck in a public restroom and that blasted automatic soap dispenser is …

The .TV Relaunch
The .TV relaunch was not very successful because the premium domain name prices are yearly recurring fees (which may increase beyond that price buy some unknown amount).

People who would create great content and later stumble into a business model are not likely to do so on a premium .tv name…which means most of those domain names won’t have high quality content on them. Those that do may see thin profit margins because they have no control over their domain names…as they make them more valuable the registrar can increase prices without mercy, and when the registrant can no longer afford the domain names the registry gets to keep or sell any brand value the registrant built up. 

Yahoo Mail Develops An Open API

Web developers will have the ability to leverage the 250 million users of Yahoo Mail as they create innovative and interesting applications based on the product; Yahoo Mail vice president John Kremer can’t wait to see what they do.

Yahoo’s Mail API & Unlimited Storage

I’ll have more to say about some of the larger issues around this in a few days, but now that the embargo has been lifted (damn you, Om Malik), I wanted to point at the pair of announcements from Yahoo! Mail today and yesterday.

Hidden Distribution Costs

I recently went to a soap shop in downtown San Fransisco called Lush. It is the most expensive soap I have ever seen, and a perfect product for the web. My girlfiriend asked the clerk if they sold online and they said yes, but don’t buy Lush soap from Amazon.com.

Google Slips SOAP Away From SEM

Google stopped issuing keys for its SOAP Search API in early December, in favor of promoting its Ajax Search API for developers who want access to Google results. Or is it?

Google replaces SOAP API with AJAX one

Mark Lucovsky, of Google, posted that Google has replaced its SOAP API with its AJAX Search API.

AJAXing Google’s SOAP API

There are many webmasters who leverage Google’s search results and other related data by using their SOAP API. However, what are these folks to do now that Google is no longer supporting it?

Why Designing a Good API Matters

Joshua Bloch has a good presentation outline called How to Design a Good API and Why it Matters.

Web Services and PHP

Have you ever wanted to enrich your site with information from Google, Amazon, eBay, or one of the many other sites that provide web services through SOAP?

Anything Goes in the Blogosphere

It’s a great place, the blogosphere. Anyone with an opinion about anything can articulate it. And anyone does precisely that, including me.

AJAX Isn’t All Purpose Soap

In this article, my goal is to provide you with a thorough AJAX primer and give you a real-world illustration of its usefulness.

Amazon Selling Simple Storage Service

The online retailer has added a new service for users: a low-cost virtual closet where people can put in and take out their data online, and pay for just what they store and transfer.

Google Washes Base’s Mouth Out With Soap

Google’s SafeSearch proved to be less than safe when used with Google Base, but the glitch that caused some unsavory results to appear in searches has been fixed.

An Extensive Examination of Web Services: WSE standards

As we’ve discussed in the previous installments of this article series, Web services are comprised of a number of core standards, including:

An Extensive Examination of Web Services: Part 1

Starting in April 2002, I began a long-running article series titled, An Extensive Examination of the DataGrid.

Use Wrappers and Proxies for Basic Web Services Tracking

Some commercial Web services software provides sophisticated Web services accounting features, recording details of Web services transactions recognized on the wire. But sometimes developers need accounting that is more modular, much more basic, and available on a shoestring. This article explains how to use advanced function composition tasks to add basic Web services monitoring capabilities.