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Snorting Smarties: The New Dumb Thing For Kids To Do

It seems with every generation with too much time on its hands, some of them are going to think of some not-so bright ways to spend their time. They plank. They burn themselves with salt and ice. (No seriously.) And now we have middle schoolers…snorting Smarties. Wait, what?! Why would kids be trying to smoke/snort a crunched up version of …

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Snorting Smarties And Other Strange Ways Kids Get “High”

According to officials at the Portsmouth Middle School in Rhode Island, the newest way for kids to get “high” is by snorting Smarties candies. Children and teens are grinding the candies up into a powder and then making a line with the powder, similar to how cocaine users line up their drugs. The kids then snort the Smarties into their …

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Snorting Smarties Warning: Can Cause Nasal Maggots

Snorting Smarties. That’s what the kids are up to these days. Last Thursday, parents of students at Portsmouth Middle School in Rhode Island were sent an email warning them about the dangers of snorting crushed up Smarties candy (you know, that chalky-sweet staple of elementary school Halloween parties?). But here’s the bad part: while it won’t get you high, Smartie-snorting …

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