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Google Is Working On The ‘Next Generation’ Of Panda

Google’s Matt Cutts spoke at the Search Marketing Expo on Thursday, and reportedly said that the search team is working on the “next generation” of the controversial Panda update, which will be softer and more friendly to small sites and businesses. Do you expect Google to really be more friendly to small sites? Let us know in the comments. Barry …

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Google: Expect Announcement Related To ‘Not Provided’

Google’s Amit Singhal had a discussion with Danny Sullivan on stage at SMX West on Tuesday evening. Danny has now shared a section of that (above) in which the controversial “not provided” subject comes up. Singhal says there may soon be an announcement related to some changes with that – specifically with how Google is currently handling this for organic …

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Google Says Knowledge Graph Is The ‘Swiss Army Knife’ To Your Site’s Corkscrew

With the Knowledge Graph, Google is trying to be the “Swiss Army Knife” to publishers’ corkscrews. That is according to Google SVP and software engineer Amit Singhal, who spoke at SMX West earlier this week. Do you think this is a good analogy? Has your traffic suffered from Google putting its own content on search results pages? Let us know …

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Google: Why Are You Asking Us If Your Ears Make You Look Fat?

Google Fellow Amit Singhal spoke at SMX London this morning. Daniel Waisberg at SMX sister site Search Engine Land liveblogged the whole discussion. Towards the end, Singhal answered a humorous question from Danny Sullivan, who asked about funny searches Singhal had come across. The liveblog says: “Amit says that once he read a query along the lines ‘do my ear[s] …

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