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Infant Found Alive! 6-Day-Old Kayden Is Back With Parents

Brianna Marshall discovered her 5-day-old son, Kayden, missing from his bassinette around 4:30 a.m. on Thursday and immediately called police. Officials said that within an hour of her call, they were investigating Brianna’s stepsister Kristin Smith. Just over 24 hours …

Jaden Smith Thinks School Brainwashes Our Youth
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Do you know the boy with one expression? Will Smith’s son? Anyways, Jaden Smith, 15, movie star of such blockbuster hits like After Earth and Karate Kid, said in capitalized letters on Twitter last week, that: “If Everybody In The …

Twitter Blows Up with Greg Smith Jokes Twitter Blows Up with Greg Smith Jokes
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Since Goldman Sachs executive Greg Smith published his resignation letter in the New York Times, comments and criticism have been blowing up twitter all day. In case you haven’t read the Op-ed piece, do your self a favor. It is …