Meteor Storm Not Over: Watch For Comet Caboose Weds.

Meteor Storm Not Over: Watch For Comet Caboose Weds.

By Ashley Olds May 24, 2014

Did you witness the witching hour light show in the sky this morning? Me neither. It’s always nice to see these kinds of events live; but if you’re like me, you might have missed the Camelopardalid meteor shower on account …

Web-Based Version Of Google Sky Launches

If, for whatever reason, you haven’t downloaded Google Earth, you’ve been missing out on the ultra-nifty Sky application.  Until now, anyway; Google has released a web-based version.

Sky Is The Limit For Suit Against Google

A Google contractor thinks the search ad company stole his idea for Google Sky, a popular addition to the Google Earth product.

Google Earth Looks At New Sky

Updated features for Sky in Google Earth arrived for the popular application, with more content added to the platform.

Google Sky Mashup Takes Off

Google offers a lot of products and services, and out of all of them, I might have judged Sky to be least in need of an update.  After all, the program’s practically brand new, and furthermore, the night sky seems like a pretty stable thing to a casual observer like me.  A fresh mashup will update Sky every 15 minutes, however, and it’s starting to sound like a great idea.

Eye Google Earth Through “Gigapxl Photos”

The big Google news today related not so much to the “Earth” part of “Google Earth” but to the new arm of it known as “Sky.”  Sky’s very nifty, to be sure, and deserves all the attention.  Yet there’s also a new “Gigapxl Photos” layer that shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Google Earth Reaches For The Sky

Google has launched a new feature for users of Google Earth called Sky, which allows people to view the sky as seen from Earth.

Business.com Sells For $350 Million

The $7.5 million price tag for Business.com paid by two businessmen in 1999 looks like a fantastic bargain now that R.H. Donnelley has purchased it for roughly $350 million.

7 Reasons Google’s Paid Link Snitch Plan Sucks

Matt Cutts blogged that Google would like you, the average search engine user, to report on sites you feel are displaying links for cash. This created a firestorm of negative responses from the SEO, webmaster, and free speech crowd. Below, I put together what I feel are the top 7 reasons Google’s paid link snitch plan sucks. I linked to my inspirations (No payment requested!).

Scoble at Microsoft TechFest

It’s weird being back at Microsoft just a few yards from the building I last worked at. I’m sitting in the front row with Jeff Clavier, Scott Beale, and a bunch of others (there are several hundred journalists here for Microsoft Research’s 15-year-blowout TechFest).

Risk Reversal Will Sky Rocket Your Sales

One of the top obstacles that you have to get over is the prospect’s sensation that they are at risk when buying from you. The more they feel that they are at risk, the larger will be their reluctance to buy.

Employee Motivation: Build Trust and Respect

Employee and staff motivation is an often discussed topic. The opinions about how to get employees working range from hard driving close supervison to hands off and let the people create on their own. Most business owners and managers fall somewhere in between these two extremes.

Yahoo CFO: The Sky Wasn’t Falling

Yahoo’s Susan Decker talks to TheStreet.com about the robustness of the search advertising market.

The Sky is Falling!

All is lost! You will never make it! Everyone’s out to get you! Your business is DOOMED!