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Skechers To Pay $40M Over Shape-Ups Ads

One year ago, The U.S. FTC fined shoe manufacturer Skechers $40 Million over its ads for “Shape-Ups” shoes. The shoes were marketed as being able to help users lost weight and tone the muscles in their lower bodies. Skechers was banned from running the ads further and customers who bought the shoes could receive refunds from the FTC or join …

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Mark Cuban Goes To The Dogs In Super Bowl Ad

Mark Cuban, famed businessman and Dallas Mavericks owner, showed up at the Super Bowl in the best way possible – a Skechers ad. The ad features a greyhound race with a bulldog wearing Skechers’ new shoes that allow it to beat the speedy dogs. While Cuban only shows up at the end, he fits right in as the dog’s owner. …

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