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Skechers To Pay $40M Over Shape-Ups Ads
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One year ago, The U.S. FTC fined shoe manufacturer Skechers $40 Million over its ads for “Shape-Ups” shoes. The shoes were marketed as being able to help users lost weight and tone the muscles in their lower bodies. Skechers was …

Mark Cuban Goes To The Dogs In Super Bowl Ad Mark Cuban Goes To The Dogs In Super Bowl Ad
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Mark Cuban, famed businessman and Dallas Mavericks owner, showed up at the Super Bowl in the best way possible – a Skechers ad. The ad features a greyhound race with a bulldog wearing Skechers’ new shoes that allow it to …

Are Search, Web Traffic, Indicators Of Offline Value?
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I was out of the country when Heelys hit the scene, so learning about them later, as a novelty shoe line that reminded me of the KangaRoos I wore when I was five, was more of a mental pop culture note than a personal world-changing one. Had I been ten when they became popular, they likely would have shared Reebok Pump status in my personal must-have shoe history.

Then again, I also hadn’t noticed the rise of Uggs and Crocs, either; the thigh-high black boots traversing Japan’s rail system I found a dozen levels more interesting, but for entirely separate reasons.