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Google Games Chat Talks Horror Games For Halloween

I absolutely adore horror games. Silent Hill is still one of the finest gaming experiences you can find. It seems that the Google Games Chat panelists agree with the sentiment. They even filmed an entire episode around horror games and the scary pitfalls of Halloween. During the show, the panelists show off Dark Legends, a vampire MMO that runs on …

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Silent Hill: Revelation Trailer Proves That Video Games Still Make Bad Movies

To say I’m a huge Silent Hill fan would be an understatement. What Konami has done to the franchise since Silent Hill 3 has been absolutely awful with the only shining beacon of hope coming in the form of Shattered Memories. Part of my disappointment can be attributed to how lackluster the first Silent Hill film was. In a game …

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Silent Hill: Book of Memories Delayed

What started with Joystiq pointing out a release date discrepancy has ballooned into a full-scale game delay for ‘Silent Hill: Book of Memories’. The game was set to be released for Sony’s Playstation Vita today, but the release date on both Gamefly and Amazon changed to May 31. Odd, since, as IGN points out videogames don’t get released on Saturdays. …

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