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Shark Attack Victim’s Husband Speaks About Incident

Rob Armstrong knew something was wrong. A bird came out of nowhere and swooped down on him, almost as if it were trying to warn him of the grave danger he and his wife Christine would soon be in. It was shortly afterwards that Armstrong and his swimming group noticed a large whaler shark heading in their direction. No one …

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Shark Photobomb, Just When You Thought it Was Safe!

Some types of sharks such as great whites have a reputation for being fierce predators, the type that can easily capture prey. So, when a shark is noticed as part of the backdrop within a family picture after-the-fact, surprise is one expected emotion. On Friday, June Emerson snapped photos of her family enjoying time at Manhattan Beach. Emerson’s 12-year-old son …

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Diver Bitten By Blacktip Shark Off South Africa

Defenseless. Helpless. These are not typical words associated with sharks. However, a South African guide recently found an entangled blacktip shark, which initially seemed both defenseless and helpless. Tyler was on his way to a feeding drum, along the eastern shore of South Africa, when he first noticed the shark. Rope was tightly coiled around the shark’s body as well …

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