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Microsoft Adds Yammer Conversations To OneDrive, SharePoint Online Files

Microsoft is rolling out new enterprise social experiences across Office 365, as announced at the SharePoint Conference earlier this year. First, they’re launching Yammer conversation capabilities in Office apps. “Instead of going back and forth with email attachments for feedback on a document, new Yammer document conversations allow people to share ideas, questions, images and videos directly alongside their content,” …

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Microsoft Apparently Buying Yammer Now

A day after rumors began to surface that Microsoft was in talks to acquire Yammer, a Facebook-like website that provides closed-circuit social networks for businesses, the two companies have allegedly settled on a deal. According to The Wall Street Journal‘s sources that are “familiar with the matter,” Yammer has agreed on a Microsoft purchase for the zinging price of $1.2 …

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Microsoft Raises Stakes In Online Services

The company’s Exchange and SharePoint products up the stakes in the competition for businesses and their employees, to serve their technology needs with hosted services.

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Microsoft Goes Web 2.0

This is the big news I talked about the other day. Microsoft is partnering with Atlassian and Newsgator. Richard MacManus has the details.

Funny story: Atlassian is an enterprise wiki used all over the place. It’s built on Java.

Atlassian’s role in this? They are building a Sharepoint connector. Why do that? After all, Sharepoint has its own wiki service?

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Mayfield Chats with Ramji on Port 25

When we launched SocialPoint on Monday, I had a chance to sit down with Sam Ramji of Microsoft.

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SocialPoint on Sharepoint

This morning we released SocialPoint, or Socialtext running on SharePoint. At first, this may seem counter-intuitive for a company like Socialtext. SharePoint is coming out with wikis and blogs in their 2007 version, why embrace and extend? Let me give you my personal reasons.

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IBM Taps Drupal For Dev Project Tutorial

Part one of a new series at IBM developerWorks focuses on the choice of an open source content management platform for their closed community web site progress.

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