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Woody Allen’s Adopted Daughter Claims Sexual Abuse in Letter

The adopted daughter of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen has come forward with allegations that she was sexually abused as a child. In an open letter reported by NY Times, Dylan Farrow, 28, came forward describing a traumatizing event she experienced as a child in 1992. Farrow begins the letter with an open-ended question to her readers: “What’s your favorite …

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Fox News CEO Roger Ailes Allegedly Offered Employee Raise For Sex

The highly anticipated new biography of Fox News CEO Roger Ailes reveal some shocking allegations including sexism and anti-Semitism. The New York Times got an advance copy of the “The Loudest Voice in The Room,” by media reporter Gabriel Sherman. According to the review, “The Loudest Voice In The Room” portrays Ailes as a man with a volatile temper and condescending …

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Michael Muhney Fired After Groping Soap Actress

Soap operas have always been notorious for re-casting characters seemingly out of nowhere. But since the television niche is filled with a sea of actors who wish to stay in the genre, actors from tend to leap from show to show and character to character. Later, the actor might to the show to step back into the role or as …

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LEGO Apologizes For Construction Worker Sticker

Last week, journalist Josh Stearns blogged about some LEGO stickers he recently saw while looking for a present for his son. Stearns stated that he was “stunned” when he realized one of the stickers in a construction worker sticker pack had a worker in sunglasses saying, “Hey babe!” He took it as a form of street harassment toward women and …

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Bikram Sex Scandal Rocks Yoga Community

[UPDATE] The Bikram sex scandal has now gotten the NMA treatment. Though the sexual roots of yoga have been all but purged from the practice the “spiritual” attachments have remained. This means that there are still “spiritual” leaders of certain styles of yoga. That, along with the teacher-student power dynamics inherent in yoga classes, can create an atmosphere ripe for …

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John Travolta Gets Slapped with Yet Another Lawsuit

John Travolta isn’t having a very good week. Hot on the heels of reports that the “Saturday Night Fever” star had been charged with assault and sexual battery after allegedly stripping naked and doing all sorts of naughty things with a masseuse, yet another individual has come forward with similar claims. Both men are seeking to collect punitive damages from …

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