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Sex Pic Extortion Lands Man in Prison

A federal court today sentenced 23-year-old John Bryan Villegas of Kittery, Maine to two years, nine months in prison for what has become known colloquially as “sextortion.” Villegas pleaded guilty last year to cyber stalking for using sexually explicit material to extort a Dover, New Hampshire woman. The matter was escalated to a federal matter due to the fact that …

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Miss Teen USA Could Have Justice Soon

Miss Teen USA, Cassidy Wolf, and 7 other victims of “sextortion” could be on the way to getting justice, according to NBC. Jared James Abrahams, 19, who is from Temecula, California, pleaded guilty to three counts of extortion and one count of hacking yesterday. He was released on bond until sentencing on March 17, 2014. Abrahams faces up to 11 …

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Sextortion Photos Case Arrest Made

An arrest has been made in the sextortion photos case. Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf and seven other women became victims of sextortion when Jared James Abrahams, 19, of Temecula, Calif. used malicious software to control their computer webcams. Abrahams allegedly used the cameras to video tape the women nude and then sent them emails threatening to publish the photos …

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Miss Teen USA Victim of Cyber-Crime

What would you do if someone sent you an e-mail threatening to release pictures that they stole, off of your computer, to the media if you didn’t cooperate and send them nude pictures of yourself? Would you go to the authorities, or simply send them the pictures that they asked for? 19-year-old Cassidy Wolf was forced to make this decision, …

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Sextortionist: Richard Finkbiner Accused of Sexually Exploiting Kids Online

The U.S. Department of Justice claims that Richard Leon Finkbiner of Brazil, Indiana put two juvenile boys in a horrific predicament; they were told that they would have to pose for sexual photos for the man or he would share racy photos of them on gay websites that were already in his possession. U.S. Attorney Joe Hogsett claims that Finkbiner …

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