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Carl Sagan Made Science Sexy; New “Cosmos” Is Bringing It Back

Spring forward, everyone! Yep. We may be losing an hour of sleep – but starting today you’ll get to see our cosmic morning star for more hours every day for the next several months. And tonight, after it’s set, another cosmic thing you’ll get to see is Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey. What’s Cosmos? Glad you asked! It’s this cool remake …

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Reddit’s First Original Web Series Involves Explaining Complex Topics to Five-Year-Olds

Reddit, known for its uncanny ability to drudge up content from the depths of the internet and make it trend, is trying its hand at a little bit of original programming in the way of a new series based on a popular subreddit. The series, Explain Like I’m Five, is based upon the subreddit of the same name which sees …

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