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Ne-Yo’s Music Caused This Woman to Need a Lobotomy

Ne-Yo and Pitbull had a chart-topping hit in 2011 called “Give Me Everything”. The collaboration worked so well for them that they are doing it again. The new tune is called “Time of Our Lives” and this time it will be on Pitbull’s upcoming album Globalization. While that may be good news for Pitbull and Ne-Yo, it could be decidedly …

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Lil Wayne Chats with Katie Couric, Talks Retirement and Seizures

The famous 2009 interview between former network anchorwoman, Katie Couric, and rapper Lil Wayne wasn’t just your regular, routine interview. The two forged an unexpected bond that’s spanned over the past 4 years. Now, he’s stopped by Couric’s syndicated talk show “Katie”, bringing her up to speed with the latest happenings in “Wayne’s world”. From discussing his growing desire to …

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Lil Wayne Hospitalized Yet Again For Seizures

Back in March, rap star Lil Wayne was hospitalized after suffering what was reported to be multiple seizures. That episode followed one in October 2012 when the rapper’s plane flight was diverted after he began suffering seizure-like symptoms. This week, Lil Wayne is back in the hospital after suffering another seizure. A TMZ report states that the 30-year-old was taken …

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Lil Wayne Hospitalized Over Seizures

Last October, rap star Lil Wayne’s plane flight was diverted to an early landing after the artist reportedly began having “seizure-like” symptoms. A representative for the star later stated that Wayne had a severe migraine, but Wayne was reportedly taking seizure medication in November. This week, it appears that those same symptoms may have returned. TMZ is reporting that the …

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Osbourne Seizure: Kelly Osbourne Faints on Set

On afternoon of Thursday, March 7 TMZ reported that Kelly Osbourne had a seizure on the set of her E! Network show Fashion Police. Shortly after, an ambulance arrived and took Osbourne to a nearby L.A. hospital. Osbourne was reportedly shooting the TV show with a live studio audience at the time of the seizure. The TMZ report states that …

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Dan Bull Is Back Again, Rapping About Megaupload

In case you haven’t heard of him, Dan Bull is an English fellow who promotes himself as a “Geeky rap artist promoting logic, skepticism and political change through merciless teasing.” Aside from that, Bull also inspired one of WebProNews’ “controversial” lead image, courtesy of his anti-SOPA rap. Bull’s latest effort — and it’s a good one — focuses on the …

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