Missing Girl Found Under Family Bed

Missing Girl Found Under Family Bed

By Sean Patterson June 1, 2013

A California girl that went missing Friday evening has been found – hiding under a bed. According to a Bay Area NBC report, Amieya Renee Stewart was reported missing at around 5 pm on Friday night. The girl went missing …

Compete Puts Overall Searches, Google Higher

According to new numbers from Compete, the search engines were busier than ever in November – Americans made a record 8.1 billion queries.  Also – you guessed it – Google’s market share went up.

Crank Dat! Truveo Searches Year’s Top Videos

Soulja Boy, Tony Soprano, and Miss South Carolina all rated tops among the topics people sought out through Truveo’s video search.

Microsoft Regionalizing Searches?
Microsoft seems to be regionalizing searches observes Woz on a thread on Webmasterworld.

UK Searches Show Love Of Christmas Markets

Know what a Christmas market is?  If you’re American, you might well not – Wikipedia lists only six of them for our country, while there are closer to 30 entries for Europe.  Still, that’s all the more reason to show interest in a new Hitwise report on the subject.

Ask Releases Top Searches Of 2007

We saw Yahoo’s, then Google gave us its list of top searches.  Now Ask is stepping up, and I’m happy to say that the term “Cars” was the sixth most popular query of 2007.

Celebs, Wrestling Top Yahoo Searches In 2007

Looking at the top searches on Yahoo for the year 2007, you might draw a few conclusions about what’s foremost on America’s conscience – and they might not be good conclusions.

Searches For Credit Cards Rise

With the holiday shopping season approaching, people want to buy presents.  An important part of buying things is paying for them, however, and so searches for credit cards are increasing.

Searches For Cheap Gas (Sort Of) Unite Society

Gas prices aren’t as bad now as they have been in the past, but they’re certainly not good.  And as usual, search trends have mirrored real-life events, and queries for “cheap gas” and the like have skyrocketed.

UK’s First Site That Searches Both Google & Yahoo

Searchboth.co.uk is a new site that allows you to search both the Google and Yahoo search engine at the same time.

Live Search Team Improves Product Searches
Halloween Spurs Searches For Pirates at the Disco

Expect to see a swarm of pirates plundering your yard this Halloween. Pirate costumes are again the most searched for ensembles, just like last year. Of course, it depends on the source. Yahoo says we’re all going disco. 

Navigational Searches Common, Confusing

Why do people type full URLs into search bars?  And why is this practice noticeably less common at Google than at other search engines?  It’s hard to say, really, but Compete’s Jeremy Crane has some thoughts and stats on the matter.

Chinese Searches Hijacked

Domains containing the word “search” in China were hijacked yesterday… pointing to search engine Baidu (and partly, another government website).

Hannah Montana Leads TV Costume Searches
· 1

If you want to be more certain your Halloween costume is unique, it’s a good idea to follow the trends and wear something not listed. That’s how I would do it, anyway.

How Yahoo Search Assistant Changes SEO

On Tuesday Yahoo became the last of the four major search engines to offer blended search. Last, but definitely not least as Yahoo’s Search Assist may just be the killer app to get some switching back from Google. Search Assist also has the potential for changing a few things when it comes to optimizing for Yahoo as people begin to unknowingly build more advanced queries.

No DMOZ In Google SERP!
Barry Schwartz reports that The Open Directory’s Home Page Goes Missing In Google.