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Rick Santorum Sees Surge in Searches, Stays Frothy In Various Search Engines

If you follow U.S. politics at all (or at this point, even turn on a TV), you probably know that Rick Santorum had a good Tuesday night. The former Pennsylvania Senator swept the primary contests, winning Colorado with 40.2% of the vote, Minnesota with 44.8%, and Missouri with 55.2%. Santorum focused a lot of time and energy in these three …

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Super Bowl Search Stats From Yahoo: Pats Beat Giants, Eli Beats Brady

The Yahoo search blog has just released a trove of search stats regarding all things Super Bowl, and it’s clear that if the Super Bowl could be decided by search volume the New England Patriots would have this thing in the bag. Yahoo says that the Patriots had 50% more searches this year than the NY Giants. Another metric listed …

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Super Bowl Ticket Searches Up 731% At Yahoo

When last Sunday’s NFC and AFC championships concluded and the Super Bowl matchup became clear, some sports pundits and social media users wondered if people could get truly excited about a matchup that had already occurred within the last 5 years. “Giants vs. Patriots again?” some people moaned. For the record, I’m excited about the big game (any chance to …

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