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Google Launches App Promotion Ads For Search, YouTube

Google announced the launch of app promotion ads for search and YouTube, following a similar offering launched earlier this summer for the Display Network. The search ads enable users to get advertisers’ apps, and offer advertisers a three-step campaign set-up flow to promote them. These ads will only be shown to people who don’t already have the app. Google is …

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Google Launches AdWords Format With Consumer Ratings, Says CTR Can Improve By 10%

Google announced that it is rolling out a new consumer ratings annotations format for search ads, which gives users “detailed” consumer opinion data. Don’t worry. They highlight the good ratings. Specifically, Google says the ads will highlight one or more strongly rated aspects of your business as part of the ad. Here’s what they look like: The data comes from …

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Twitter Launches Promoted Accounts In Search

Twitter announced the addition of a new format to its ad platform – Promoted Accounts in Search. Twitter will show these to users in search results along with recommendations of people to follow. Twitter says it automatically selects relevant search queries for presenting Promoted Accounts based on an advertiser’s targeting choices. Advertisers need not take any additional action to appear …

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Paid Search Ads May Not be Worth Anything, Shows Study

As advertisers have begun adapting to the internet, paid search ads have become a common way for businesses to advertise to potential customers. Specifically, Google has pioneered the paid search ad category for search engines, giving advertisers an easy way to show up in search results without gaining the popularity that would rank them higher in natural search results. As …

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Google’s ‘Proof’ That Search Ads Boost Offline Sales

Google is showing what it says is “proof that online search ads can boost offline store sales” on its Think Insights site. This proof comes in the form of an article written by Kirthi Kalyanam, Ph.D., Professor of Marketing and Director, Retail Management Institute at Santa Clara University. Kalyanam looked at research from Applied Predictive Technologies from between 2008 and …

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Google Launches New Local AdWords Targeting Options In 11 Countries

Google has made some updates to local targeting for AdWords in 11 countries. Here in the United States, Google notes that it has recently changed its metro targeting areas to Nielsen DMA (Designated Market Areas) regions. “Now your online campaigns and reporting will more precisely match TV-based audience data and campaigns. If you’ve been using metros, you’ll notice that the …

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