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Game Of Thrones Returns Sunday For Season 4

Anyone who loves boobs, butts, incest, weird cross-generational sexual tension, the death and/or bodily harm of any of the following: friends, mentors, enemies, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, lovers, brothers SLASH lovers, the inalienable right to breastfeed grown children in mixed company, hot human-dragon matriarchs, violent creatures of icy temperature/disposition, and the universal hatred of winter in general, be sure to …

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Sean Bean Gets Badass Reputation on Twitter

Veteran British actor and recent Game of Thrones star Sean Bean is currently gaining quite the reputation on Twitter. Today, a story came out about a Sunday night incident at a bar that involves all the elements of a real life hero story – chivalry, bravery, and a hard man with little regard for his personal safety. In fact Sean …

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