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Bing Maps Announces SDK For Metro Style Apps Bing Maps Announces SDK For Metro Style Apps

The Bing Team announced today that they’re releasing beta version of a new tool for developers that will allow them to improve the quality of apps written in Microsoft’s design language, Metro. Bing Maps SDK for Metro style apps will …

Kinect For Windows Launches Today
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Kinect for Windows launched today – pause for celebration. Now that the celebration is over, we can get into the stuff that really matters on the Kinect for Windows front – software. Over on the Microsoft blog, the Kinect team …

Open Handset Alliance Releases Android SDK

The Open Handset Alliance released the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) today.

Google Flashes $10M At Android Developers

Google isn’t looking for the next Commander Data, but mobile applications for the free, open platform they recently announced.

Looking at Google Android, Developer Kit & Competition
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Google created a video showcasing Android, the Google-initiated, Linux-based open source mobile operating system being backed by the recently announced – and again Google-initiated – Open Handset Alliance.

Apple Unveiling a SDK for iPhone App Developers

Apple announced today its unveiling a SDK in February to allow the development of native third-party Applications on the iPhone McAfee comments on a move to create a developer framework for the iPhone…

Adobe Isn’t Desperate

I’ve been playing around with Adobe Flex for a few days. Heard about them open sourcing the Flex SDK later this year. Didn’t think much of it, since it was already free. Then I read this from Dana. Maybe Dana has been wearing OSS goggles for a few too many days, but come on.

Version 5.0 of the Virtual Earth API Available

Over at the MSDN blogs Virtual Earth program manager Andy McGovern has come up with the following update: "we’ve been busy poking around the Virtual Earth forums and blogs, listening to corporate customers and mashuppers alike, and coming up with a list of the top features and fixes that would make the best mapping API even better—better for end users, but mainly better for you, the developer. We think you’ll like what we’ve come up with." The following are just some of the new features:

– import polylines and polygons using GeoRSS feeds.

Adobe Flex Enters Open Source
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Adobe hopes to attract more developers to their Flex platform by releasing its SDK under terms of the Mozilla Public License.

Yahoo’s Search SDK Updated

So I’ve been ranting and raving about how we need to make this the year everyone knows about ColdFusion.

Well, I am very happy to say that Yahoo has just updated their Search SDK, and guess what language makes a brand new appearance??.

Yep – that’s right. COLDFUSION! Sorry to "yell" but I’m just that happy about it. The SDK includes both a simple search example and my ColdFusion Yahoo package.

Opera Dips Flash Into Devices SDK

Developers working with Opera’s software development kit for mobile platforms now have support for the Flash Player 7 SDK available to them.

Opera To Resell Flash Player 7 SDK

Opera Software said yesterday it is adding support for Adobe’s Macromedia Flash Player 7 SDK in Opera for Devices SDK.

Adobe Bows Ruby On Rails RIA SDK
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The SDK from Adobe combines the Ruby on Rails rich Internet application (RIA) framework with the Flex 2 technology and tools for web developers.

Adobe PHP SDK Takes An Update

After releasing the unofficial Adobe software development kit for PHP this week, Adobe’s Mike Potter noted that a few tweaks were needed with the SDK.

Yahoo Search SDK Updated

Newer libraries and new languages for Yahoo Search’s software development kit have brought support for Ruby, Lua, and Ajax widgets to developers.

Flash SEO Guide

Many webmaster know that Google can read the text in their Flash files.

Google Brings Desktop Search Out Of Beta

There is a running joke about how Google never brings any of their innovations out of the beta stage. The thinking is, if something breaks, Google can always say it was still in beta testing.

Google Desktop SDK Opens Up Possibilities

With the potential ability to integrate the capability of Google search into any number of applications, the release of the GDS SDK has caused a noticeable stir.

Tivo’s HME SDK

Tivo has released a Software Development Kit (SDK) for their broad-band connected Tivo units …

Search Engines Can See the Movies – Macromedia FLASH SDK

Macromedia has solved what was likely one of its biggest problems.

Microsoft CRM Development: SDK, C#, SQL, Exchange, Integration, Crystal Reports overview for programmer

Microsoft CRM is new player on the CRM software market.