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‘The Interview’: NYC Comedians Plan a Live Read ‘in the Name of Free Speech’

Who knows when you’ll get to see The Interview? Last week Sony execs decided to cave to vague, terroristic threats and postpone the release of the Seth Rogen/James Franco comedy indefinitely. According to reports, Sony was not alone in its cowardice. At this point nobody knows when the film, which was originally scheduled for a Christmas Day release, will see …

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American Horror Story Script Stolen

American Horror Story fans need to be on the lookout for a major spoiler! According to gossip site TMZ, a very critical script from the American Horror Story: Freak Show season has been stolen and has been shopping them around to different media outlets. The script was allegedly stolen on set last week while filming was taking place in New …

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Justin Bieber to the Big Screen?

On Friday, Justin Bieber posted a picture on Instagram that spread like wildfire, sparking the curiosity of millions around the country. Standing in a mirror holding up a manuscript for the upcoming Warner Brothers’ film “Batman vs. Superman,” Bieber captured a snapshot of the script with his iPhone. Then, if the picture alone didn’t raise speculation, the caption which said, “#robin,” …

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