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Nelson Mandela Leaves $4.1 Million Estate, Hopes Family Stays Unified

“Reading wills are always occasions charged with emotion.” This reply came from Deputy Constitutional Court head, Dikgang Moseneke, when queried about the recent review of Nelson Mandela’s own will to friends and family members. The man who spent his life in selfless service continued conferring his possessions onto those he loved after his passing – in the form of his …

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Penn State Scholarships to be Restored

More than a year after Penn State received numerous sanctions from the NCAA and Big 10 due to the Jerry Sandusky child abuse cover-up, the NCAA announced that it will allow Penn State to gradually restore the scholarships lost. Penn State lost a total of 40 scholarships from 2013 to 2017, but will start adding them back in the 2014-2015 …

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Whites-Only Scholarship to be Changed at Columbia

As the costs for college continue to skyrocket, the task of finding money for higher education is now harder than ever. Though exclusionary scholarships tailored to certain kinds of students are often a way for those with a specific background (such as women who want to study Computer Science) to go to college, one prestigious U.S. university is now seeking …

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Google Bringing The Anita Borg Scholarship To Asia

Computer science and technology are quickly changing the education ecosystem of every nation around the globe. It’s already been shown that children (and adults) should be learning some kind of programming language if they are to get a decent job in today’s and the future workplace. While all of that is fine and good, it’s especially important to get girls …

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