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Egyptian Sarcophagus Found in Israel

A sarcophagus (coffin) dating back to the Bronze Age was recently found in the Jezreel Valley in Israel. Archaeologists dug up the cylinder-shaped sarcophagus while exploring the Tel Shadud mound in the valley. The foot of the body was first discovered, but after three weeks of brushing away dirt, the face of the mystery person was revealed. Edwin van den …

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3,600-Year-Old Mummy Unearthed In Luxor Egypt

A routine dig in Luxor, Egypt has resulted in the discovery of a sarcophagus – with a mummy inside and intact. The team of Egyptian and Spanish archeologists that led the excavation were working on a tomb when they unearthed an elaborately painted and well preserved sarcophagus carved with a human face. It is believed to be 3,600 years old. …

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